Kang Dong Won & Girls’ Generation Taeyeon’s Flirty Radio Chat Sparks Dating Rumors

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During an episode of MBC Radio FM4U’s Jung Hee of Hope Music Kim Shin Young, Kang Dong Won was a guest discussing his new movie The Plot.

During a light-hearted exchange, DJ Kim Shin Young brought up Taeyeon’s previous appearance on the program.

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When posed with the hypothetical scenario of either inviting Kang Dong Won to her home or being invited to his, Taeyeon had opted for the latter.

Kang Dong Won responded with a similarly playful comment, stating he too preferred receiving invitations, but hinted he might invite Taeyeon in the future.

The comment sparked laughter and further teasing from DJ Kim, who joked about supporting Taeyeon until she eventually dined at Kang’s personally crafted ten-person table.

Though light-hearted and said in a seemingly joking manner, Ten Asia’s report on their comments has surged to the top of NAVER’s most-viewed articles of the day.


Here’s what fans are saying:

  • ‘Not this whole thing making it to Top 1 Most viewed news in Naver’
  • ‘that “i will support you, fighting” WKWKWK’
  • ‘someone please @ taeyeon’
  • ‘Taeyeon has fine ideal type.. ‘
  • ‘TAEYEON GET UP!!!!’
  • ‘f she ever date a handsome dilf whose years older than her, that’ll be my roman empire fr’
  • ‘She still has a chance  girl catch it lmao’

Within just a few hours, the article attracted nearly 140,000 views, becoming a hot topic across South Korea.