Kang Dong Won on His Legendary ID Photo, Admits Difficult College Life

Kang Dong Won acknowledged the rumors circulating about his appearance

On September 13th, Kang Dong Won appeared as a guest on the 211th episode of tvN’s variety show “You Quiz on the Block.“

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you quiz on the block

On this day, when asked how he started acting after studying engineering, Kang Dong Won replied, “I came to Seoul and started doing modeling while walking on the street. I heard that acting classes are good if you want to do well in modeling, so I took them. I realized it right away during my first class that I wanted to become an actor. Until then, I didn’t have anything I wanted to do, but I became passionate about it. Since then, I have been consistently pursuing it.”

He mentioned that he became a model through street casting and jokingly said, “It’s funny because they would give me their business cards in Apgujeong if I passed by there, and in Sinchon if I passed by there. So, I collected them.”

you quiz on the block

In response, Yoo Jae Suk said, “I saw this photo,” and revealed Kang Dong Won’s legendary checkered shirt ID photo. When asked how old he was in the photo, Kang Dong Won replied, “They say it was during my college years, but it was actually when I was in my third year of high school.” He added, “Our school had a self-regulated hairstyle policy.”

He continued, “College life was tough for me. I started working during the winter break of my freshman year and took many leaves of absence. After I started acting, whenever I went to school, it was too noisy, and the professors felt burdened. The classes didn’t go well.”

Source: daum