Kang Tae Oh’s Discharge From the Military Excites Fans – What’s Next for the Actor?

Netizens are thrilled to welcome Kang Tae Oh as he is officially discharged from the military. 

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After successfully completing his mandatory military service, fans are excited to see what’s next for the actor. 

Kang Tae Oh Military Discharge Details

Kang Tae Oh enlisted in the military in September 2022. He bids goodbye to his fans through an Instagram post before he temporarily leaves the limelight. 

“I thank everyone for their support and abundant love. I will return bravely. See you soon,” he captioned.

After almost one year and six months as an active-duty soldier, the 29-year-old actor is back to his civilian life. 

Per the report, Kang Tae Oh shared a special message with fans as he looked forward to delivering “great projects” in the future. 

Kang Tae Oh
(Photo : Sports Chosen)

“I enlisted after receiving great love from everyone after wrapping up ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo.’ I faced the end of my 20s and start of my 30s in the military, and it was a meaningful time during which I fixed my bad habits and earned only good things.”

As for Netizens, they warmly welcomed the actor and looked forward to his upcoming projects. 

In addition, some even welcomed his new character, So Baek Ho, for his K-drama comeback. 

Kang Tae Oh New Drama: Actor to Headline a Rom-Com Series With Lee Sun Bin

The public will surely see more of Kang Tae Oh in the coming months following his military discharge. 

Among his first projects is the upcoming rom-com K-drama. 

A day before his official discharge, OSEN reported he would be headlining the K-drama “Potato Research Institute.”

Meanwhile, Kang Tae Oh’s agency, Man of Creation, responded and confirmed that he received an offer to play one of the main leads. 

In addition, “Potato Research Institute” is also a project that he is “currently positively considering.”

Lee Sun Bin, Kang Tae Oh
(Photo : Lee Sun Bin, Kang Tae Oh Instagram)

If Kang Tae Oh decides to fully accept the offer, “Potato Research Institute” will be his K-drama comeback project after completing his military service.

On the other hand, Star News mentioned in an exclusive report that Lee Sun Bin is in talks to join the series. 

‘Potato Research Institute’ Release Date, Cast

As of this writing, Kang Tae Oh and Lee Sun Bin have yet to confirm their appearance, but viewers are looking forward to seeing the duo in one drama. 

In “Potato Research Institute,” the actor takes on the character of So Baek Ho, the handsome new director of the Potato Research Institute.

Behind his swoon-worthy looks, he feels like an outsider. 

Meanwhile, Lee Sun Bin is set to portray the role of Kim Mi Kyung, who spent over a decade as a potato researcher at the Potato Research Institute. 

The upcoming rom-com K-drama is helmed by Kang Il Soo and screenwriter Kim Ho Soo, who both worked with the “Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung.”