Karina pens letter of apology to her fans

Article: Karina writes handwritten letter to fans after news of dating Lee Jae Wook, “I’m genuinely sorry”

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Source: Sports Korea via Nate

[+81, -15] So when fans expect celebrities to not be dating, are the fans also not dating or getting married either? It’s so weird how fandom culture demands apology letters and truck protests and al lthis.

[+40, -29] It’s not like she committed a crime like drunk driving or anything, it’s hilarious that she has to write an apology letter over this. But it’s also funny that she is missing the point in her letter and it was better off not being written at all. This entire situation is such a comedy, that fans expect their idols to stay hush hush about dating like it’s Voledemort or something ㅋㅋ 

– [+17, -2] I mean, she should never be feeling sorry for it in the first place..?

– [+14, -1] Well, yeah, of course the letter is pointless! It’s not like dating’s a crime. What are people expecting her to do? Kneel on the floor and beg for forgiveness for falling in love? 

– [+6, -1] What exactly did you want in her letter then?

[+31, -12] She should apologize for SM’s stocks tanking too ㅋㅋㅋ investors lost the heaviest

[+18, -3] If you see idols as products, I can see why their diehard fans would be so upset. It comes with the territory of being an idol, no?

[+6, -0] It’s to be expected when idols sell an illusion. Fans buy your merch because they think you’re in love with them, this is to be expected ㅋ

[+4, -0] Basically asking her ATMs to stay open!!!

[+3, -0] I don’t think she’s built enough of a career where dating is permitted yet. There are dating bans for a reason early on in idol careers… because they’re products, and dating plummets their value. No one says anything about older idols who get into relationships because they’ve built enough of a career for it.

[+1, -0] Dating’s fine~ but she’s basically SM’s last hope at this point, especially as Aespa’s center, and you have to admit there’s more to lose than gain by dating right now. Aespa’s long been pushed out by IVE and Le Sserafim.