KBS Bans ‘Squid Game’ Star Oh Young-soo After Sexual Harassment Scandal — ‘He’s A Maniac!

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Seoul, South Korea – May 28, 2024: Renowned actor Oh Young-soo, famed for his role in Netflix’s global hit series “Squid Game,” has been temporarily banned from appearing on KBS programs.

This decision comes after KBS conducted a broadcast appearance regulation review committee meeting on May 13th, following a series of serious allegations against the actor.

The controversy surrounding Oh Young-soo dates back to August 2017.

While in Daegu for performances of the play “King Lear,” Oh Young-soo allegedly hugged a victim, referred to as A, during a walk.

Further accusations arose in September of the same year, claiming that Oh Young-soo forcibly kissed A on the cheek in front of her residence.

These allegations only became public in November 2022, a significant time after Oh Young-soo’s rise to international fame through his performance in “Squid Game.”

The victim demanded an apology following his newfound popularity, but Oh Young-soo denied the accusations, prompting A to file a formal complaint.

In response to the complaint, the prosecution disclosed in February that Oh Young-soo’s actions in 2017 had caused the victim considerable distress.

They highlighted inappropriate expressions of desire from the actor, such as comments implying he viewed the victim as a woman.

Furthermore, an apology text from Oh Young-soo reportedly deflected responsibility by referring to the victim in a familial context, saying, “You’re like my daughter.”

On March 15th, a sentencing hearing resulted in Oh Young-soo receiving an eight-year suspended jail sentence and two years of probation.

Additionally, he was mandated to complete a 40-hour sexual violence treatment program.

The court took into account his admission of some charges and his otherwise clean record when determining the sentence.

Both the prosecution and Oh Young-soo have since appealed the ruling.

Following these legal developments, KBS convened their screening committee, which decided to temporarily ban Oh Young-soo from all its programming.

The network’s decision reflects an effort to maintain its broadcasting standards amidst ongoing legal proceedings and societal expectations regarding sexual misconduct.

Oh Young-soo, born in 1944, has had a long and storied career in theater and as a voice actor since the 1960s.

His portrayal of Oh Il-nam in “Squid Game” in 2021 brought him international acclaim, culminating in his historic win as the first Korean to receive the Best Supporting Actor in TV award at the 79th Golden Globe Awards.

The KBS decision is seen as part of a broader trend in South Korean media and entertainment, where there is increasing scrutiny and lower tolerance for public figures involved in scandals, especially those related to sexual misconduct.

The industry is under pressure to uphold ethical standards, and this temporary ban on Oh Young-soo underscores KBS’s commitment to these values.

As the appeals process unfolds, the public and media will be watching closely to see how the case develops and what further actions, if any, KBS might take based on the outcomes of the legal proceedings.

For now, Oh Young-soo remains a prominent figure facing the consequences of past actions amid a dramatically changed public and professional landscape.