KBS Bans THIS 3rd-Gen Idol’s Whole Album For Explicit Lyrics & Brand Mentioning — Here’s What Happened

KBS has deemed this third-gen K-pop idol’s songs in his newest album as unfit for broadcast.

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KBS Bans THIS 3rd-Gen Idol's Whole Album For Explicit Lyrics & Brand Mentioning — Here's What Happened
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KARD BM’s Songs From Album ‘Element’ Deemed Unfit For Broadcast By KBS

KARD member and soloist BM currently has the anticipation of Hidden KARDs, as the idol is scheduled to release his first extended play “Element” on May 7.

(Photo : Instagram: @bigmatthewww)

The album, which features artists Jay Park, and fellow KARD bandmate Somin, has left eager fans waiting at the edge of their seats and receive what BM has in store for them.

Despite the excitement, the highly anticipated release experienced some obstacles along the way. On May 2, Korean news outlets reported that KBS had deemed all five songs on BM’s solo album as “unfit for broadcast.”

According to sources, “Nectar” was considered unsuitable due to its extremely sexual lyrics, while “Loyalty’ was unfit since it reportedly mentioned certain brands, which violates Article 46 of the Broadcasting Review Regulations that bans advertising.

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Meanwhile, the remaining three songs titled “Motion,” “Embers,” and “Badgirl Badboy,” were all deemed unsuitable for broadcast mainly due to language involving foul language, profanity, certain slang, and vulgar expressions.

Outlets also stated that if an artist is assessed as ineligible for broadcasting in KBS, a re-examination may be considered if the problematic parts were to be either modified or omitted.

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If the problematic parts were to be revised and the songs approved, then the release could be broadcast on KBS programs, including mediums such as television and radio. DPS Media also released a brief statement, sharing that the title track “Nectar” will be the only song in the album to be revised.

We plan to request to reconsider the title track ‘Nectar’ in this case,” DSP Media shared.

Watch the teasers for “Nectar” here:



Fans have also expressed excitement online:

  •  “From wishing to meet his idol to featuring him on a song BM has come a long way. I’m so proud.”
  •  “Collab of the year!”
  •  “BM just casually releasing banger after banger! he can’t keep getting away with it, leave some scraps for everyone else at least!”
  •  What? BM and Jay Park? It’s a beautiful collab!”
  •  “The collab of the century is here.”
  • “Wow I never thought we would get this combo, I’m so excited to hear this masterpiece.”

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