KCON LA 2024: ENHYPEN, NMIXX, ZEROBASEONE and More Revealed in the 1st Roster

The stage is set for KCON LA 2024, as the iconic music festival gears up to mesmerize fans in the heart of Los Angeles. Following the resounding triumphs of its previous editions in Japan and Hong Kong, KCON’s spotlight now shines on the vibrant cityscape of LA. Scheduled to grace the Arena, LA Convention Center, Gilbert Lindsay Plaza from July 26th to 28th, the anticipation surrounding the event is palpable, especially with the recent revelation of its inaugural lineup.

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With K-pop aficionados worldwide eagerly awaiting the festivities, KCON LA 2024 has unveiled a star-studded roster that promises an electrifying experience. Among the headlining acts announced for each day, day one will see the dynamic presence of BIBI, P1Harmony, and TAEMIN gracing the MCOUNTDOWN stage, alongside the captivating performances of P1Harmony and ZEROBASEONE on the KCON Stage.

The excitement continues to soar as day two promises to be a spectacle with the inclusion of chart-toppers like ENHYPEN, NMIXX, and TWS on the MCOUNTDOWN stage, complemented by the sensational acts of HYOLYN and NMIXX on the KCON main stage. Day three brings forth another wave of exhilaration, featuring the talents of I-LAND2, ZEROBASEONE, and ZICO on the MCOUNTDOWN stage, while A.C.E and TWS are set to enthrall audiences on the KCON stage.

In addition to the stellar lineup, it has divulged the artists set to participate in KCON Meet & Greet sessions and Showcases, further elevating the anticipation among fans. Among the artists announced for these interactive sessions are NMIXX, ZEROBASEONE, DHMON, CRAHY, HYOLYN, and many more.

However, the excitement doesn’t end here, as KCON LA 2024 has hinted at more surprises in store, with additional names set to be unveiled shortly. As anticipation mounts and the countdown to the event begins, fans can expect nothing short of an unforgettable experience at KCON 2024, where music, culture, and excitement converge to create moments that will be cherished for a lifetime. Stay tuned for further updates as this music festival continues to unfold its magic.

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