Kdramas With Indian Adaptations: Flower of Evil, I Am Not a Robot, Business Proposal and More!

Kdramas With Indian Adaptations: The Kdrama magic has got everyone wind up in the wave that is hard to avoid and the credits go to the freshness these dramas bring that is hard to miss. From intriguing plots to beautiful characters, the Kdrama world can no longer bring contentment with dubbing and is thus being remade by many to bring the best of entertainment.

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With the Hallyu wave bringing such big changes in the entertainment world, how could the Indian market stay away? Thus, Indian adaptation of some of our favourite dramas was a definite trend. From Flower of Evil, and I Am Not a Robot, to many more, we bring to you Kdramas With Indian adaptations that you might have not seen coming!

So without further ado, here’s a list of Indian adaptations of some of your favourite Kdramas that might just leave you speechless!

Kdramas With Indian Adaptations

Flower of Evil

We begin with one of the most talked about adaptations from earlier this year, Duranga the Indian remake of popular thriller Kdrama Flower of Evil. While there have been a bunch of mixed reviews about the adaptation, there is no doubt that it had been a treat for non-Kdrama viewers which made this a popular show.

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The Heirs

Kahani Humari Dil Dosti Deewanepan Ki brought the plot of one of the biggest Kdramas yet, The Heirs and only three years following the hit Kdrama. While Kdrama fans were quick to capture the story and connect it with their favourite drama, the show was yet another hit series that left viewers wanting more.

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Boys Over Flowers

Boys Over Flowers has been one of the first Kdramas for fans of the South Korean entertainment industry, and there is no doubt that hearing the name Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan will invoke feelings in the young Indian audience. However, finding out that the show was an Indian remake of the hit Kdrama may come as a surprise for many. So, be it the Fab5 or the F4, this college romance plot holds a special space in the hearts of many in both countries.

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I Am Not a Robot

The trend for bringing in remakes of popular Kdramas is really hitting the Indian market, however, they don’t always go right and this can be seen in the remake of I Am Not a Robot which recently released as MY3. If anything, this has been a shocker for Kdrama fans and while we can open ourselves to this trend to a certain extent, this show has got us backing off almost immediately.

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After Chinese, Thai and Japanese remakes, Signal has now been given an Indian remake titled Gyaarah Gyaarah which was announced earlier this year. Brought together by ZEE5, Dharmatic Entertainment and Sikhya Entertainment, this show is on its way to making it to our screens very soon.

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Suspicious Partner

Next, is the official remake of the hit drama Suspicious Partner which too is soon making its way to its release later this year and is titled A Legal Affair. Starring Angad Bedi and Barkha Singh, the adaptation is set to release this year and has been a topic of excitement among many.

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Something In The Rain

The Something In The Rain Indian remake was confirmed earlier this year by the stars of the original Jung Hae-in and Son Ye-jin. After the Chinese remake of the same drama, this will be the second official remake and nothing about the cast, title, release date, and so on has been confirmed as of yet.

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A Business Proposal

Finally, we have the Indian adaptation of the popular Kdrama A Business Proposal which came into the topic following Hyunwoo Thomas Kim’s, president of Kross Pictures who produced the show, trip to India. He confirmed in an interview following his trip that many companies approached him for the same and we can expect a Telugu and Hindi remake of the show very soon.

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What do you think of these Indian adaptations of your favourite Kdramas? Let us know in the comments below!

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