Kim Bum Reunites with Filipino Fans in “Between U and Me” Fan Meet in Manila

Making up for the lost time, Kim Bum returned to the Philippines giving his Filipino fans the nicest smiles and unforgettable memories.

“Hello. Ako po si Kim Bum. Kamusta po kayo. Na-miss ko po kayo. Samahan niyo akong gumawa ng di makakalimutang ala-ala today. Between U and Me, simulan na natin,” greeted Kim Bum after opening the Manila fan meeting with his rendition of Thama’s “Kiss The Rain” from the Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938 official soundtrack.

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The actor’s Asia fan meeting trip kicked off in Tokyo in August, and the Manila gathering on September 22 marked the beginning of the Philippine leg. After Manila, he will do a fan event at the NUSTAR Convention Center in Cebu on September 23 before heading back to Seoul for his fan event in October. He said that he actively participated in the planning of the fan meeting, making creative decisions about everything from the event’s program to the publicity materials.

Between his last trip to the nation in 2009 and his return this year, there were several years in between. Through the Bum’s Update section, Kim Bum kept his supporters up to date on his most current endeavors and personal anecdotes.

He revealed some of his fan meeting tour preparations, including practicing dancing moves and discussing his MBTI personality type, the INTJ. He described himself as straightforward about his likes and dislikes and obstinate, particularly when it came to his profession and his desire to become highly skilled in his field.

The next corner, Bum’s Awards, proved to be an interesting one because Kim Bum and his admirers appeared to have differing opinions over the adjective that would best define the actor and the character that they would suggest to their best friend. 

Fans voted for “cute” as the word to best characterize him, but the actor, who was too reserved to even make a decision, chose “cool”. And being the adorable and cool guy that he is, Kim Bum also left fans with some heartwarming words: “I hope you guys smile more. I hope you guys stay happy. I hope you guys won’t hurt easily.” 

The competition between his characters, Lee Rang from Tale of the Nine Tailed, Go Seung Tak from Ghost Doctor, Han Joon Hwi from Law School, and So Yi Jeong from Boys Over Flowers, proved to be fierce as Lee Rang and So Yi Jeong are currently leading the fan voting. However, Kim Bum made a different decision, selecting Han Joon Hwi as the person he would present to or recommend to his closest friend.

According to him, So Yi Jeong is a playboy while Go Seung Tak sees ghosts. Lee Rang isn’t a human being. He admitted that Lee Rang, his most recent acting performance, was the most memorable. He also had a connection with his character in Boys Over Flowers.

Subsequently, the actor continued to impress as he battled it out on the dance floor in the subsequent part of Dancing Bum. He made the most of his dance practice by taking on the difficult task of dancing to the songs “ETA” by NewJeans, “Flower” by Jisoo of BLACKPINK, and “Eve, Psyche & The Bluebeard’s Wife” by LE SSERAFIM as a reward for fans who correctly identified his character from a photograph.

Through a performance of SS501’s “Because I’m Stupid,” the actor transported the audience back in time and allowed them to remember Boys Over Flowers, the 2009 hit drama that launched him to international fame. “Boys Over Flowers is a precious memory for me because it was a project that allowed me to meet you,” he said. He was, in fact, the sweetest (and in typical INTJ style), surprising everyone by entering the audience area in spite of his staff’s reluctance. The staff tried to stop him from going down for safety grounds, but the actor insisted on getting closer, according to Sunny, the evening’s host.

Through different games, including an XO game based on Kim Bum’s TMI where victors got to take Polaroid photos with him, fans were also given the chance to see him in person. The team spirit was also evident during the relay game, in which the crowd was divided into three teams, with Team B winning the event. An autographed photocard was brought home by fans from the victorious team’s sections. 

Kim Bum wasn’t the only one with gifts; his followers made sure he also returned home with the nicest memories. Along with a banner project, Filipino fans created a special video tribute for the actor. He said he was deeply moved and would remember the fan interaction for a very long time. He continued, “I had fun, and I hope the fans felt the same.” 

Kim Bum sang “When I Get Old” by Christopher and Chung Ha and “My Universe” by Coldplay and BTS to end the Between U and Me fan event. The fan meeting ended with a hi-bye session for all.

Between Kim Bum and the raving crowd, it was truly an unforgettable event!

Event Covered By: Danica Lacson