Kim Bum Steals Hearts With His Unchanging Visuals At 36: ‘Wow, He Seriously Has…’

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Kim Bum made online users swoon as they were mesmerized by his unchanging visuals at 36.

Kim Bum
(Photo : Photo : Kim Bum in Boys Over Flowers)

After starring in the hit drama “Boys Over Flowers,” Kim Bum has earned fans with his iconic role, the playboy and elite yet charming Yi Jung, and member of the campus royalties F4.

Since then, viewers have tuned in to the actor’s acting projects.

Despite almost a decade passed since he starred in the classic series, Kim Bum remains one of the familiar faces in K-dramaland. Apart from being a head-turner, he also excels in acting.

Kim Bum Praised for Youthful Visuals At 36

Kim Bum
(Photo : King Kong by Starship’s Instagram)

On July 8, Kim Bum became the center of discussion online, not for his new work, but for his unchanging visuals at 36.

People were in awe to see him glowing and having a youthful face despite being in his thirties. Some of his new photos and fan videos circulating online got the public swooning.

Some even said that he could pass as SEVENTEEN Mingyu’s brother.

  • “Currently rewatching ‘Boys Over Flower’ and this man not only glows up but also ages backward.”
  • “Wow, he seriously has the face that women would like”
  • “A face that’s exactly what they say girls like to see”
  • “He has a f*cking baby face. He looks 28.”
  • “Anyone in their 20s and older will know that although the main leads in ‘Boys Over Flowers’ were Go Jun Pyo and Ji Hoo, the really popular one was actually Yi Jung sunbae. All the girls liked Kim Bum. Even when I was a kid, I liked Kim Bum the most.”

Where Is Kim Bum Now?

Following the conclusion of the fantasy drama “Tale of the Nine-Tailed,” Kim Bum has been busy doing brand endorsements. Apart from that, he already made his theater debut, making him more busy these days.

A post shared by instagram

As of now, he has no confirmed screen projects yet but will be active in pursuing theater play. He just also turned 36 last July 7, Kim Bum even visited some fan projects in Korea and posted them on social media.

While waiting for his next series, you can watch some of his previous works such as “Ghost Doctor,” “Law School,” “Mrs. Cop 2,” “Hidden Identity,” “That Winter, The Wind Blows,” “Padam Padam,” “High Kick 3,” and more.

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