Kim Go Eun Only Acts Well For Money? Here’s What ‘Exhuma’ Star Said

Kim Go Eun looked back and reflected on her acting career, following her silver screen return with the occult film “Exhuma.”

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On the other hand, the dark fantasy film enjoyed an uninterrupted reign at the box office since its premiere. Read on to know more.

‘Exhuma’ Enjoys Huge Success At Box Office

There’s no slowing down for Kim Go Eun and Lee Do Hyun’s occult film “Exhuma” as it continues to dominate the film industry.

On March 1, the Korean Film Council announced that the production has already surpassed a whopping 4 million admissions in just a week, creating history in the South Korean box office.

'Exhuma' Stills
(Photo : Showbox )
Lee Do Hyun, Kim Go Eun

In addition, the film grossed over 27 million USD, ultimately becoming the biggest hit in 2024. On the other hand, the film tells how two exorcists work together in relocating mysterious tombs in exchange for a huge sum of money.

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Kim Go Eun Shares Affection For ‘Exhuma’ Co-Stars

Kim Go Eun proves her award-winning skills once again through her shamanistic transformation in the occult movie “Exhuma.”

'Exhuma' Stills
(Photo : Showbox )
Kim Go Eun

She showcased her versatility and ability to adapt into any role she’s given. In addition, she was able to display a high tension chemistry with her co-stars Lee Do Hyun, Choi Min Sik and more.

In an interview, the actress revealed that Lee Do Hyun texted her, saying, “Thank you for acting with me, noona (older sister). It’s a huge honor.”

According to the actress, she felt awkward receiving the text, thinking that she didn’t do much for her co-stars to be grateful for her. Kim Go Eun said that it’s the other way around.

'Exhuma' Stills
(Photo : Showbox )
Kim Go Eun

“Choi Min Sik sunbae (senior) guided me during filming. Lee Do Hyun and Yoo Hae Jin sunbae also created a nice filming atmosphere so I’m very thankful,” Kim Go Eun said.

The actress revealed that she didn’t hesitate to accept the role due to Jang Jae Hyun. Kim Go Eun shared that she’s a fan of the filmmaker who pioneered the new genre of occult films.

“Svaha: The Sixth Finger” and “The Priests” are two of his note-worthy works to date. Meanwhile, Kim Go Eun chose the words “detailed” and “engrossing” to describe the work.

Kim Go Eun On Acting Career & Making Money

Many lauded the actress after she completed another impressive work in her 20s. Fans now wonder about her plans for the future.

'Exhuma' Stills
(Photo : JTBC)
Kim Go Eun

Kim Go Eun stated that she now takes into account the amount of money she receives as an actor. She said, “I jokingly say that one should get their money’s worth but I’m very serious.”

According to the actress, it’s only fitting that her hard work is reciprocated. Kim Go Eun added, “Of course, there’s sincerity. However, I work hard so I tell myself to only accept what I deserve.”

As for the acting role she plans to do next, she’s confident to play any role given to her. Through this, not only will she be able to widen her career but also enhance her skills as an actress.