Kim Go Eun Stuns in Show-Stopping Outfit at Baeksang Art Awards — ‘It’s Like Hwarim, So Pretty’

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 At the prestigious 2024 Baeksang Art Awards in Seoul, where celebrities flaunted their fashion flair on the red carpet, it was Kim Go Eun who stole the spotlight.

The actress, renowned for her recent role in the blockbuster film “Exhuma,” showcased a look that blended sophistication with a touch of daring, leaving attendees and online spectators in awe.

Kim Go Eun opted for a textured black dress that exuded elegance with a hint of edge. The intricately patterned garment boasted a cinched waist accentuated by a sparkling, bow-shaped belt, adding a dash of glamour to her ensemble.

Despite its conservative silhouette, the dress featured a daring deep V-neckline, while a full skirt contributed to the overall dramatic effect.

Completing her ensemble with black boots peeking from beneath the hemline, Kim Go Eun added a modern twist to her red carpet look. Soft waves framed her face delicately, with minimal makeup enhancing her natural beauty.

The actress’s fashion choice ignited a fervent discussion on Korean community sites, with a post on TheQoo garnering over 30,000 views and a multitude of comments.

Fans and netizens praised how Kim Go Eun’s outfit resonated with her character, Lee Hwarim, in “Exhuma,” applauding its unique appeal and its reflection of Hwarim’s essence.


Here’s what fans are saying:

  • ‘Wow, the coordination is really my taste.’
  • ‘Oh, my style is rock chic.’
  • ‘It suits you so well’
  • ‘It’s so prettyㅠㅠㅠ’
  • ‘Oh, it’s so fcking cool’
  • ‘stylish’
  • ‘Who among Korean actors can do this with such confidence?!’
  • ‘It’s like Hwarim, so pretty.’
  • ‘That’s cool. That hair makes you look even more hip.’
  • ‘It’s just pretty.’
  • ‘Oh pretty. I like this better than the dress.’
  • ‘It would look even prettier in a video’
  • ‘It’s cool and unique, I like it. Looks like a model.’
  • ‘It’s like an Exhuma concept, lol’
  • ‘Cool, Kim Go Eun.’
  • ‘Gorgeous queen i love it when she always laughs awkwardly when in front of cameras reporters she seems adorable and natural’
  • ‘oh wow she looks so good’

Kim Go Eun’s fashion moment at the Baeksang Art Awards serves as a testament to her versatility as an actress and her impeccable sense of style, solidifying her status as a fashion icon in the Korean entertainment industry.