Kim Go Eun Wins Major Award for Her Outstanding Performance in ‘Exhuma’

Kim Go Eun bagged a major award for her performance in her horror movie “Exhuma.”

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Kim Go Eun Takes Home Pioneer Award From Marie Claire Film Festival for Her Movie ‘Exhuma’

Kim Go Eun once again proved her acting prowess as she took the stage accepting another major award for her notable performance in the high-grossing film “Exhuma.”

On April 27, the actress illuminated the 11th Marie Claire Film Festival at Yongsan CGV by receiving the Pioneer Award. The event was hosted by the fashion magazine Marie Claire, and the festival aims to recognize individuals who have carved their path and made significant contributions to the Korean film industry.

Kim Go Eun
Kim Go Eun

After the giving of the award, the “Goblin” star engaged in a heartfelt conversation with the audience.

Kim Go Eun expressed her gratitude toward the people who watched the movie and acknowledged her performance.

“I am thankful to the viewers who took the time to watch our movie ‘Exhuma’ (Pamyo) and Director Jang’s presentation of the award makes it more meaningful. I am sincerely grateful for the recognition of receiving the trophy from Marie Claire.”

She concluded her speech by saying that she would continue to become a better actress in the future.

Kim Go Eun’s Top-Tier Performance in ‘Exhuma’ Continues to Be Recognized

'Exhuma' Stills
Kim Go Eun & Lee Do Hyun’s ‘Exhuma’ Takes Top Spot In Highest-Grossing Films of 2024
(Photo : Showbox )

Since the release of “Exhuma” last February in 22 in Korea, it immediately became a hit attracting over 11 million moviegoers. The film garnered widespread acclaim for Kim Go Eun’s outstanding portrayal of the shaman role, Hwaryeom.

'Exhuma' Stills
Kim Go Eun
(Photo : Showbox )

The way she brought Hwaryeom’s character to life received applause from the crowd. Kim Go Eun’s interpretation and top-notch acting skills, honed through ongoing interaction with professional shamans, were said to be particularly noteworthy.

Another scene that caught the viewers’ attention was during the ritual scene where she dances with a knife as if possessed by a spirit, it is particularly considered as a highlight of the movie.

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What’s Next for Kim Go Eun

Meanwhile, apart from her big win at the Marie Claire Film Festival, the global star has been nominated for the Best Actress in the Film category at the 60th Baeksang Arts Awards for her role in “Exhuma.”

As of this writing, Kim Go Eun is preparing for another big-screen comeback “Love in the Big City,” which is set to premiere this year. In addition, she is filming another movie titled “Two Women.”

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