Kim Go Eun’s Movie ‘Exhuma’ Surpasses ‘Train to Busan’s’ Record

Kim Go Eun and Lee Do Hyun’s movie “Exhuma” continues to set new milestones in the Korean box office.

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After becoming the first horror occult movie to hit the 10 million mark, it now surpassed the reign of “Train to Busan.”

‘Exhuma’ Beats ‘Train to Busan’ in Korean Box Office

With “Exhuma” continuing its dominance in the Korea box office, the movie has now reached over 11.5 million moviegoers, as mentioned in a report, beating Gong Yoo’s hit K-zombie.

Exhuma Special Poster
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Train to Busan
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Released in 2016, “Train to Busan” garnered 11,567,816 viewers, while “Exhuma” scored 11,569,310 viewers since its premiere.

In addition to this, Kim Go Eun’s movie surpassed the total admission that “Parasite” got after its debut in 2019.

Currently, “Exhuma” holds the record for 18th place in box office history, second only to the newly released international movie “Kung Fu Panda 4.”

‘Exhuma’ Cast & What You Need to Know About the Movie

Directed by Jang Jae Hyun of the hit movie “The Priests,” the film follows the story of a group of paranormal experts who were hired to help a wealthy family break a generational curse by stopping the “grave’s calling.

Their mission is to relocate a tomb, as the family believes that a mysterious event haunts their newborn, and in exchange, they get a hefty sum of money.

However, the team faced a vicious force following the exhumation and unraveled a series of bizarre events.

Kim Go Eun transforms into the modern-day shaman Lee Hwa Rim and is joined by her apprentice Bong Gil, played by Lee Do Hyun.

'Exhuma' Stills
Kim Go Eun
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Joining their team is feng shui master Sang Deok, portrayed by Choi Min Sik, and mortician Yong Geun, played by Yoo Hae Jin.

During the press conference, director Jang Jae Hyun revealed what prompted him to write and direct the horror-occult movie. According to him, it was from a childhood experience observing how exhumation works.

“When I was a child, I watched people exhuming a tomb in a rural area where I hung around every day to move it for highway construction. I still remember the smell and colors of the soil from the tomb that appeared to be 100 years old or more.”

Recalling his experience, the director shared that there was a mix of curiosity and, at the same time, fear.

As for Choi Min Sik, who is in his 35th year of being in the industry, “Exhuma” is his first horror occult movie.

According to him, he “[doesn’t] usually enjoy this kind of film because they are too scary.”

However, the reason that he joined was because of director Jang Jae Hyun.