Kim Ha Neul Reveals Key Point To Anticipate In ‘Nothing Uncovered’: ‘My transformation’

Kim Ha Neul hyped up the public about her forthcoming return to prime time with the brand new romance thriller series “Nothing Uncovered.”

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Ahead of her prime time comeback, the seasoned actress shared the biggest point to look forward to in the series, raising curiosity and expectations. 

Kim Ha Neul Guarantees High Tension Work With ‘Nothing Uncovered’

On March 14, days before the premiere of KBS2’s romance thriller series “Nothing Uncovered,” veteran actress Kim Ha Neul raised the excitement index to a new level.

'Nothing Uncovered' Poster
Kim Ha Neul, Jang Seung Jo, Yeon Woo Jin
(Photo : KBS Drama Official)

In an exclusive interview with OSEN News, Kim Ha Neul dished on what to expect from her newest K-drama after two long years of inactivity.

She transforms into a passionate journalist who gets involved in a cold bloody murder, and she’s left with no choice but to solve the case with a detective who happens to be her ex-lover.

Kim Ha Neul aims to reinvent her career as an actress with her brand new acting role. From only playing sophisticated characters, she now delves into the thriller genre.

'Nothing Uncovered' Stills
Kim Ha Neul
(Photo : KBS Drama Official)

“There’s a lot of tension at the end of every episode,” Kim Ha Neul hinted, raising curiosity. “The key point to check out in the work is my transformation into Seo Jung Won.”

According to her, she was hands-on in curating her character’s appearance from the wardrobe to hairstyle, body language and other mannerisms.

Meanwhile, Yeon Woo Jin and Jang Seung Jo, who complete the ensemble as Kim Ha Neul’s love interests, also doubled the excitement after suggesting the love triangle in the show.

'Nothing Uncovered' Stills
Kim Ha Neul, Jang Seung Jo
(Photo : KBS Drama Official)

They said, “The characters display tangled relationships and complex emotions through a fast-paced development and deep romance between them.”

‘Nothing Uncovered’ Creator Praises Kim Ha Neul’s Acting

In the same interview, Lee Ho, the director of the drama, lauded Kim Ha Neul’s unfading talent in acting.

“Kim Ha Neul is now ready to retrieve the “romantic comedy queen” nickname through “Nothing Uncovered,” eight years after her last collaboration with KBS2,” the director said.

'Nothing Uncovered' Poster
Kim Ha Neul, Yeon Woo Jin, Jang Seung Jo, Jung Woong In, Yoon Je Moon, Han Chae Ah
(Photo : KBS Drama Official)

In addition, Lee Ho chose the hot love triangle in the show as the most fun element that will entertain viewers from beginning until the end.

In particular, screenwriter Bae Soo Young explained that viewers will be thrilled as they tune in as Kim Ha Neul catches the bad guys by grabbing their collars, a nod to the original webtoon of the series.

Don’t miss the premiere of “Nothing Uncovered” this March 18 at 10:10 p.m. KST on KBS.