Kim Hee Sun & Lee Hyori’s Secret Catfight Exposed — Hair-Pulling & Scratching Galore

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Renowned for their individual successes in the entertainment industry, Lee Hyori and Kim Hee Sun share not only thriving careers but also a close-knit friendship, often seen alongside fellow actress Song Hye Kyo.

However, a decade ago, their camaraderie was momentarily overshadowed by explosive rumors of a violent altercation.

In a whirlwind of social media frenzy, news of Lee Hyori and Kim Hee Sun’s supposed brawl at a bar flooded Korean online platforms, shocking fans and bystanders alike.

Reports suggested that the altercation escalated to hair-pulling and scratching, painting a grim picture of the usually amiable stars.

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Seeking to quell the escalating rumors and salvage their reputations, Lee Hyori and Kim Hee Sun opted to address the scandal head-on. Accepting an invitation to the talk show “Hwashin” in June 2013, the duo vehemently denied any animosity between them.

During the televised appearance, Lee Hyori candidly confessed, “I look fierce, but when the situation becomes bad, I tend to cry. I’m not good at fighting.”

Her vulnerability resonated with audiences, humanizing the otherwise glamorous persona she exudes.

In a bid to lighten the atmosphere, Kim Hee Sun injected humor into the conversation, jesting, “There are way too many rumors of me fighting someone. I’m good at fighting, but because everyone knows, no one touches me.”

The lighthearted banter showcased the duo’s ability to navigate through adversity with grace and humor.

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Despite the turbulent times, Lee Hyori and Kim Hee Sun seized the opportunity to reaffirm their unwavering bond in front of the camera.

Kim Hee Sun’s heartfelt compliment towards Hyori, expressing admiration for her style, and Hyori’s eagerness to strengthen their friendship further resonated with viewers, emphasizing the authenticity of their relationship.


Moreover, the camaraderie among Lee Hyori, Kim Hee Sun, and Song Hye Kyo was palpable, with the former two extending an invitation for the trio to spend time together outside of their professional commitments.

This gesture not only showcased the enduring nature of their friendship but also hinted at the strength of their bond beyond the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry.

The connection between Lee Hyori, Kim Hee Sun, and Song Hye Kyo transcends mere acquaintanceship, rooted in decades of shared experiences and mutual support.

From mentorship in their early years to present-day camaraderie, the trio continues to stand as a testament to the power of genuine friendships in the tumultuous realm of showbiz.