Kim Heechul denies rumors of taking SM juniors out drinking in Japan

Article: Kim Heechul clarifies rumors about his private life, enjoying parlors in Japan? “I have never gone drinking with SM juniors”

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Source: Mydaily via Nate [2]

[+43, -2] I feel like his clarification needs to be clearer about specifically not going to a parlor in Japan as the focus, not that he never went with his juniors, because now it’s ambiguous as to whether he still actually did go, just with friends or seniors, or whether he went at all or not… Be clearer.

– [+11, -0] Quite clearly an attempt at burying the crux of the issue by taking himself out of it

[+21, -0] I did hear that he frequented those places often in the past…

[+43, -5] So you did go? You just never went with your juniors?

[+40, -1] There are already pictures out there… stop talking about the juniors, did you yourself go or not?

[+24, -2] There are already pictures, though… perhaps you should sue the person who leaked them

[+14, -1] All the rumor mills are saying it’s a certain N group…

[+9, -1] The issue was never about whether you went with your juniors… it was about whether you went yourself.. because even going once by yourself alone is still an issue ㅎㅎㅎ but look at you distracting from the focus. There are even pictures going around ㅋ

[+6, -0] He sure loves them Japanese girls ㅋㅋㅋ

[+0, -0] What even are the rumors about?