Kim Hieora Confesses Extorting Money from Fellow Students: ‘It’s difficult to admit’

After her initial statement, Kim Hieora spoke out amid her ongoing bullying and harassment controversies.

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Following the exposé by Dispatch, “The Glory” actress has been making headlines due to accusations about her past. As the saga continues, the 34-year-old actress spoke out on the truth behind the allegation.

Kim Hieora Speaks Out on Extortion Allegations

As obtained by a news outlet, Kim Hieora indirectly confessed to issues regarding extortion.

Based on Dispatch’s interview dated September 11, she enlightened the public regarding her actions and also referenced her previous K-drama “The Glory,” where she played one of the bullies, threatening Moon Dong Eun, played by Song Hye Kyo. 

Kim Hieora

(Photo : Esquire Korea Official)

“It’s difficult to admit, but I realized that people can oppress and harass others to unimaginable extents.

I never thought about it since I was never in the place of being ‘Moon Dong Eun.’ I think I also justified my actions by thinking, ‘This extent isn’t enough to be seen as a bully’.”

As for the infamous Iljin group at her former school, Kim Hieora did not deny that she was part of the “Big Sangji,” but insisted that she did not play a big role regarding the bullying and harassment being accused against the group.

Kim Hieora

(Photo : Dispatch Korea)

Kim Hieora

(Photo : Dispatch Korea)

However, she did speak about the extortion allegation after an individual accused her of getting money from fellow classmates.

“I did play a role in collecting money for older peers,” the actress admitted, adding that she played as an accomplice while her friends “took the money from other students.”

Once again, she reiterated “not denying” her mistakes and not being a model student back then.

Kim Hieora’s Agency to Take Legal Action

Despite the actress’ statement, Kim Hieora’s agency, GRAM Entertainment, addresses the issue surrounding “The Uncanny Counter” season 2 star.

In a lengthy statement obtained by a news outlet, the label plans on taking legal action against the media outlet that “covered the informant’s one-sided claims about Kim Hieora.”

Kim Hieora

(Photo : Esquire Korea Official)

According to the agency, they “cannot condone the current situation,” which is damaging not just the actress’ reputation but also “causing suffering to unrelated individuals.”

It can be recalled that Dispatch released testimonies from Kim Hieora’s former classmate, speaking about her being a member of an Iljin gang, known for their bullying and harassment activities in Sangji Girls’ Middle School.

The school also released a statement addressing the fact that their students, parents, and faculty members have been receiving negative feedback due to the issue.