Kim Hieora Makes First Public Appearance Amid Bullying Controversy

Kim Hieora reportedly made her public appearance amid her school bullying controversy. 

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Here’s the full story.

Kim Hieora’s Musical ‘FRIDA’ Performance to Proceed as Scheduled

Based on a report by a media outlet on September 9, Kim Hieora was scheduled to perform at the musical “FRIDA” at 3 p.m. on the same day at Shinhan Card Artium in COEX, Samsung-dong in Seoul.

Kim Hieora

(Photo : OSEN News)

Through this musical play, the breakout star will stand in front of the crowd and meet the public for the first time after she was embroiled in a school violence controversy.

On September 6, Kim Hieora shocked many as she made headlines, revealing that she was a perpetrator of bullying.

Kim Hieora Embroiled in School Violence Controversy

Dispatch reported that the “Uncanny Counter 2” actress was a member of the “Iljin” group Big Sangji that extorted money and abused students verbally and physically at Sangji Girls’ Middle School in Gangwon.

Kim Hieora

(Photo : Kim Hieora Instagram)

After the news broke out, the Korean star’s side refuted her involvement in the school violence issue and announced that Kim Hieora would continue to attend the musical “FRIDA” as scheduled.

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As the issue continued to occupy various online portals, some people claimed themselves as the K-drama star’s former classmates and broke their silence defending her.

Is It True? Almost 1,000 Tickets Sold for Kim Hieora’s Scheduled Stage Play

Despite the ongoing violence scandal surrounding Kim Hieora, the audiences who purchased tickets did not cancel their attendance.

In addition to the report, on the morning of September 9, a few hours before the musical started, the actress’ scheduled performance had nearly sold 1,000 seats.

Kim Hieora

(Photo : OSEN News)

The ticket reservation rate is also at its peak at 90%. Amid the issues being thrown at Kim Hieora, it seems that the school violence incident did not affect ticket sales significantly as the truth about the bullying act had not been revealed.

Furthermore, following her September 9 performance, Kim Hieora is also expected to return on stage for another “FRIDA” show on September 10. Attention is focused on how she will complete the performance amidst the school violence controversy.

Kim Hieora rose to prominence following her remarkable performances in “The Glory,” “Uncanny Counter 2,” “Bad and Crazy,” “Beyond Evil,” and “Bad Prosecutor.”

Many were impressed with her brilliant acting. Due to this, a lot of doors opened for the actress. However, now that her name is being dragged into an issue, some are concerned about Kim Hieora’s career.

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