Kim Hieora Returns to Instagram After Bullying Controversy – Is She Hinting at New Drama?

Kim Hieora surprised her Instagram followers after breaking her social media hiatus. 

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Since September 2023, the actress had been inactive on SNS and, at the same time, on-screen appearances after getting involved in a controversy. 

Kim Hieora
Kim Hieora

Amid her fame, thanks to the revenge K-drama “The Glory,” the 35-year-old actress made headlines for facing bullying issues. Haunted by her past, a former classmate exposed the actress’ wrongdoings during her high school years. 

As mentioned by Dispatch, Kim Hieora was reportedly a member of a notorious school gang at Sangji Middle School in Wonju, Gangwon Province. The group would reportedly harass and extort money from their classmates. 

In addition to this, she was allegedly part of the theft case on campus. 

Kim Hieora
Kim Hieora

After the news broke, Kim Hieora addressed the issue and acknowledged that she used to be a part of the Iljin group. However, she strongly denied the alleged violence being thrown at her. 

“I wasn’t a good student. I was a gang member but wasn’t active. I wasn’t so bad that I intentionally harmed others,” the actress mentioned on her Instagram account.

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Kim Hieora Instagram Comeback

It was the last time that Kim Hieora posted an update on her Instagram.

Interestingly, after 9 months since her last update, “The Uncanny Counter” Season 2 star returns on Instagram, posting a keyring along with a caption that reads, “A lunchbox that gives courage.”

Kim Hieora
(Photo : Kim Hieora Instagram)

Although she didn’t elaborate much on her post, it seemed like she is gearing up for an onscreen comeback. 

Kim Hieora To Have Her Hollywood Debut? 

With her remarkable performance in “The Glory” as one of the villains, it’s no surprise why Kim Hieora has projects lined up. 

Right after the revenge drama with Song Hye Kyo, the 35-year-old actress joined the much-awaited sequel “The Uncanny Counter” Season 2, and now she is eyeing an international project. 

As mentioned by Osen, among her many offers was a Hollywood project, which was halted due to the bullying issue. However, the actress is determined to pursue bigger opportunities and is eyeing overseas projects. 

As for her agency, Gram Entertainment, the label said that they are open to bigger opportunities beyond Korea’s border, but they are also evaluating whether it will be a great deal for the actress. 

“It would be nice if a good opportunity for overseas expansion came, but she is still trying to take a little more time and take the opportunity.”

Other than “The Glory ” and “The Uncanny Counter” Season 2, viewers might also recognize Kim Hieora from her previous K-dramas like “Bad and Crazy,” as well as “Bad Prosecutor” as Secretary Tae.