Kim Hieora’s Agency Plans to Take Legal Action Amid Actress’ Bullying Issue

Kim Hieora’s agency is considering taking legal action following the apology statement released.

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In a report cited by a news portal, GRAM Entertainment has responded to the continued allegation against the actress and the controversy regarding her involvement with the Iljin gang, particularly the bullying activities.

Kim Hieora’s Agency Claps Back on ‘Malicious Reports’ Against the Actress

“The Glory” actress has been making headlines following Dispatch’s exposé about her past.

As mentioned by the outlet, GRAM Entertainment pointed out that Kim Hieora is facing public scrutiny and backlash after Dispatch released receipts showing that she used to be a member of the infamous Big Sangji at Sangji Girls’ Middle School.

Kim Hieora

(Photo : Esquire Korea Official)

Kim Hieora

(Photo : Dispatch Korea)

Kim Hieora

(Photo : Dispatch Korea)

The actress’ label said that the allegations of school violence were malicious and plans on taking legal action against the media.

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In a statement obtained, GRAM Entertainment expressed their apologies for “causing concern to many people” due to the issue related to Kim Hieora.

“We apologize to the many people who have been disappointed and harmed by this incident,” the statement reads.

As for their side, the label shared that they are considering taking legal action, stating that they do not “condone” the judgment against the actress. The allegations are damaging not only Kim Hieora but also the company, as they cause “suffering to unrelated people ” around them.

“We also plan to take strong legal action against future unfounded content and those who unilaterally claim it,” GRAM Entertainment added.

On the other hand, Kim Hieora’s agency also called out the media’s responsibility to deliver fair news.

“The initial reporting media not only maliciously edited and reported the informant’s words contrary to the facts, but also tried to rationalize the legitimacy of the report by conveying the nuance of applying a ‘criminal crime’ by adding that they were considerate of the agency and artist,” the statement reads.

In addition, GRAM Entertainment said that the media outlet, which they did not name, revealed a one-sided story of the informant’s claims “as if they were proven facts.”

What Will Happen to Kim Hieora After the Bullying Issue?

Kim Hieora

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It can be recalled that Dispatch dropped the bombshell news after Kim Hieora’s drama “The Uncanny Counter Season 2: Counter Punch” officially concluded.

Currently, the actress and her label are dealing with the issue as former classmates continue to speak up.

Kim Hieora also stepped down from her role in the upcoming K-drama “Jeong Nyeon,” headlined by Kim Tae Ri. She was then replaced by “Anna” star Jung Eun Chae as one of the main characters.

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