Kim Hieora’s victim releases recorded clip that refutes her claims of innocence

Article: Kim Hieora the ‘kind iljin’? Victim releases full recording clip “You hit me the most”

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Source: Chosun via Naver

[+2,187, -15] That’s no apology, that’s a threat. She really brought her own experience into her drama, didn’t she? We must make her this follows her for the rest of her career.

[+1,453, -20] With all the classmates posting stories yesterday, I was thinking she had spent some money to try and blow this over, but it looks like her biggest victim of all was waiting for this moment. Victim-nim, please do not forgive her.

[+693, -9] Why did she bother lying when the truth was waiting around the corner like this? “The worst bullying she ever did was cutting in line at lunch” It must be true that bullies only choose to remember what they want and it’s the victims who are left with the trauma of their memories. It’s disgusting that she lived her life like this and still thinks she deserves a life of fame. It’s selfish of her to even think that all of this could blow over with a simple “sorry.”

[+491, -6] Wow, she gives me goosebumps. Quite the bully she was, Kim Hieora.

[+215, -1] As if a “kind” iljin ever existed in this world

[+171, -2] I knew something felt wrong when Nate Pann suddenly got several posts claiming to be her classmates defending her… something felt fishy…

[+160, -2] Looks like her money failed to settle with the biggest victim of them all ㅎㅎ she may have been able to buy off her other victims but she lost this one and it’ll make her regret it forever

[+151, -3] I was planning to stay neutral but this recording basically makes it the victim’s story true. She beat someone until their nose bled, tortured them, swore at them… and now she thinks she deserves to be on TV? Physiognomy really must be science.

[+133, -2] She was really pretending to act like she was caring for the victim by saying her identity will be revealed… is that a concern or a threat? So shameless… Worry about yourself.

Source: Insight via Instagram

[+490] Kim Shieora (shieora = take a hiatus)

[+308] Hyejung, Yeonjin, and Jaejoon wrote defense posts for her and yet it was the final boss Dongeun to end her career once and for all. We just watched the real life version of ‘The Glory’…

[+268] It’s ridiculous to me that she actually tried to lie to the media like she wasn’t involved in any of this, that’s scary

[+134] Not only was she denying what was so true, she was threatening people with lawsuits.. this is it for her, farewell

[+234] Her resume for her role in ‘The Glory’ was quite a lengthy one

[+70] What’s it matter if you apologize to someone while claiming you don’t have a memory of everything you did?!!! She’s so selfish

[+54] That’s it for her~ time for her to retire from the industry and stay off of our TVs~

[+41] Please hurry and screw off

[+83] Why do these bullies always say “I don’t remember”?

[+108] I wonder how she felt on the inside while acting her character