Kim Hye-soo Sends Song Hye-kyo a Snack Truck — See the Sweet Exchange

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In a heartwarming display of friendship and support, actress Kim Hye-soo recently surprised her colleague, Song Hye-kyo, with a thoughtful gift on the set of her upcoming film, ‘Black Nuns’.

On the 3rd of this month, Song Hye-kyo took to her social media accounts to share the delightful news with her fans.

Song Hye-kyo’s Grateful Response

Accompanied by a series of photos, Song Hye-kyo expressed her gratitude, saying, “Thank you so much, sister! I will cheer up and film hard!” The images showcased a snack truck adorned with goodies, sent by Kim Hye-soo to lift Song Hye-kyo’s spirits during her filming endeavors.

A post shared by instagram

Notably, the snack truck even included a pizza oven, demonstrating Kim Hye-soo’s attention to detail and affection for her friend. Kim Hye-soo’s support didn’t end with the snack truck. In a touching message attached to the gift, she conveyed her heartfelt encouragement, stating, “I support actress Song Hye-kyo’s ‘Black Nuns’.”  

This gesture not only underscored their friendship but also highlighted the camaraderie within the entertainment industry.

The ‘Black Nuns’ Project: What We Know So Far

As fans eagerly anticipate Song Hye-kyo’s return to the screen, she has chosen the movie ‘Black Nuns’ as her next project. Set to portray the role of nun Junia, Song Hye-kyo is fully immersed in the filming process, pouring her dedication and talent into bringing the character to life.

With Kim Hye-soo’s unwavering support behind her, Song Hye-kyo’s journey on the set of ‘Black Nuns’ promises to be one filled with camaraderie and inspiration.