Kim Hye Yoon Ignites Sizzling Competition Among Brands As She Leaves for Bali — Here’s What Happened

Amid the “Lovely Runner” craze, Kim Hye Yoon has sparked a fierce rivalry among brands as she reportedly leaves for Bali.

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Kim Hye Yoon
Kim Hye Yoon

Following “Lovely Runner” conclusion, the lead stars continue to make headlines as they do their individual projects in and out of South Korea.

Kim Hye Yoon, as a matter of fact, has become an in-demand celebrity following the drama’s completion.

On June 5, the actress sealed an endorsement deal from a shoe brand and is scheduled to film promotional videos in Bali, Indonesia this June 8.

Normally, announcements for airport fashion of celebrities’ departures are disseminated. It’s a natural process for the brands sponsoring stars to disclose the schedule and terminal of the departures at the airport.

Disclosing the “SKY Castle” star’s departure schedule, a brand promoter sponsoring the actress suddenly made a notice to the public:

“Actress Kim Hye Yoon will wear shoes of the shoe brand XXX upon at Incheon International Airport leaving for Bali on June 8.

We would appreciate it if you could take full-body shots of her to show the shoes, if possible.” 

Kim Hye Yoon
Kim Hye Yoon

Apart from this, another brand also requested the same:

“Please capture Kim Hye Yoon’s appearance.”

Proving her fame, the demands showcase the intense competition among brands that the actress is collaborating with. Each brand’s approach also reflects the fierce rivalry.

Kim Hye Yoon
Kim Hye Yoon

Regarding this matter, a brand CEO elaborated on the situation.

“As the drama (‘Lovely Runner’) is a hot topic, the brand must have put a lot of effort into working with the actress. It is understandable. However, such an announcement was made due to the brand’s concerns that they wouldn’t get the shots they desired because it’s about shoes rather than clothes.”

In addition to this, another brand official said that such demand certifies the power of the series and Kim Hye Yoon. 

“There are still differences in the brand’s approaches, but as they made polite requests, there would be no major problem.”

Since it will be Kim Hye Yoon’s first schedule abroad, many are looking forward to seeing more of her future activities.

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