Kim Hyun Joong Acting Comeback? Actor Excites Fans After Doing THIS

Kim Hyun Joong sent his fans into a whiplash after he released a video of him re-enacting one of his scenes in “Boys Over Flowers.” 

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Is he making an acting comeback? 

Actor Kim Hyun Joong is Back? Heartthrob Surprises Fans With His New YouTube Content

Different from what he usually does, which is singing and performing, Kim Hyun Joong showcased his acting this time.

Boys Over Flowers

(Photo : KBS Entertainment)

In 2009, Kim Hyun Joong rose to stardom after he joined the cast of the phenomenal K-drama “Boys Over Flowers.” Despite having a supporting role, the singer-actor’s visuals and performance garnered tons of praises from viewers.

At that time, his fans were positive that Kim Hyun Joong would have a bright future, especially as he showcased various sides of his talents.

Unfortunately, his career as an actor did not go as planned.

Kim Hyun Joong

(Photo : Kim Hyung Joong’s Instagram)

Kim Hyun Joong returned to the spotlight in later years. He now has his own band and even produces content on different social media platforms.

Kim Hyun Joong Re-enacts Scene From ‘Boys Over Flowers’

On September 9, on his official YouTube channel, Kim Hyun Joong surprised the public by bringing back his iconic role Yoon Ji Hoo in “Boys Over Flowers.” What’s more interesting is that he re-enacted a scene of him from the series!

Kim Hyun Joong

(Photo : Kim Hyun Joong YouTube Channel)

He, along with his co-star and former labelmate, Hai Ming, recreated a small scene from the romance drama, where Yoon Ji Hoo was talking to his friend, Ming. Many were amazed when they saw Kim Hyun Joong’s past and present images on screen.

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The two were able to do the scene exactly the same as they did in the drama. After delivering their lines, Kim Hyun Joong burst out laughing.

Fans Hopeful to Seeing Actor Kim Hyun Joong Again

It has been almost five years since he has not taken on any acting projects. Seeing him reprising his role as Yoon Ji Hoo, can’t help fans but be hopeful to see Kim Hyun Joong shine again on the screen as an actor.

If you miss actor Kim Hyun Joong, you can watch some of his previous dramas such as “Playful Kiss,” “That Time When Time Stops,” and “Inspiring Generation.” He also had a cameo in “Dream High.”

As of 2023, Kim Hyun Joong is busy working on his music and performing on various stage performances abroad. At the beginning of this year, he announced his world tour and will continue to make more content on his YouTube channel to communicate with his fans.

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