Kim Hyun Joong is enjoying life as a corn farmer

Article: Kim Hyun Joong has become a farmer “I’ll share my corn with everyone”

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Source: TV Report via Nate

[+108, -1] This farmer sure likes to spread his seed

[+37, -0] He’s a corn farmer because he likes knocking teeth out…

[+15, -0] He’ll become an expert in kernels in no time (TN: Koreans call the act of fighting ‘knocking corn kernels out’ because teeth look like kernels)

[+11, -1] Perhaps he should look into planting some fist potatoes too

[+4, -0] A farmer who wears Oakley sunglasses

[+3, -0] Eat up on this corn ^^ so I can knock your kernels out

[+2, -0] He loves spreading his seed so maybe he’s better suited for farming

[+2, -0] You could not pay me to eat his corn

[+2, -0] He actually went to knock out kernels for a living