Kim Hyun Joong reenacting scenes from “Boys Over Flowers”

Fans hope that he will make a comeback soon as an actor.

14 years ago, Kim Hyun Joong rose to fame as a phenomenon thanks to “Boys Over Flowers.” Despite playing a supporting role, at that time, due to his striking appearance and impressive acting, Kim Hyun Joong was even more popular than Lee Min Ho. Audiences were confident that Kim Hyun Joong would have a bright future, especially as he developed himself in various fields. Unfortunately, everything did not go as planned.

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Most recently, Kim Hyun Joong surprised the audience by reenacting his iconic role from “Boys Over Flowers.” He, along with his co-star, recreated a small scene from the series, where Ji Hoo was talking to his close friend, Ming. The audience was truly amazed when they saw both Kim Hyun Joong’s past and present images.

Up to the present time, it has been 5 years since Kim Hyun Joong has not taken on any new television dramas. Seeing the images from his reprised role as Ji Hoo, fans can’t help but hope to see Kim Hyun Joong shine once again on the screen.

Kim Hyun Joong

At present, Kim Hyun Joong is still active as a singer, although he doesn’t attract as much attention as before. At the age of 37, he enjoys happy life with his non-celebrity wife and their young son.

Source: k14