Kim Jae Joong reveals secret of his nipple piercings for the first time after 20 years

TVXQ member & actor Kim Jae Joong explained why he had nipple piercings in the past

On September 14th, the YouTube channel “uhmg” uploaded a new video of the content “Jaefriends” featuring the guest appearance of Park Semee.

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In the video, Semee said, “What I’m curious about is… I still remember your piercings”. Taken aback by the sudden mention of piercing, Kim Jae Joong asked back, “Which piercing? Which one?”. Semee responded, “It sounds weird if you say ‘that piercing’. Your nipples…”.

Kim Jae Joong

Hearing that, Kim Jae Joong put one hand on his chest and said, “Right…!”. Semee added, “Yeah, the important thing was that it looked cool. But why did you get your nipples pierced? I was curious about that”.

Kim Jae Joong replied, “I was addicted to piercings. That’s why I have 13 to 14 holes in my ears”. He added, “But as I kept getting my ears pierced, there was no room to pierce, but I couldn’t get my face pierced so I was looking for a body part to pierce and chose nipples. But it hurt a lot”.

Semee then wondered, “Honestly, everyone was curious about it. Have you talked about why you had nipple piercings on any show?”. Kim Jae Joong laughed and said, “No, you’re the first person to ask me this question”.

Kim Jae Joong

Semee commented, “When I heard that I’m gonna film with Jae Joong, the first thing I thought about was his nipple piercings…You could have explained the reason. Now I get it. There was nowhere to get pierced in your ears. And your face was beautiful and you were the visual so you just got nipples pierced, right?”.

Kim Jae Joong then said, “It hurt so much, so please don’t do that guys. I don’t recommend it”.

Kim Jae Joong made headlines when he revealed his nipple piercings during the time he was active as a member of TVXQ in the past. At that time, photos of Kim Jae Joong’s piercings spread widely in all online communities.

Source: Wikitree