Kim Jae Wook Reveals Why Melodrama is the Most Challenging Genre for Him

Kim Jae Wook talked about his childhood and his career during his appearance in SBS’ “My Little Old Boy.” Joining the show as the special host, the versatile star also dished on his return to musicals.

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Briefly discussing his role, Kim Jae Wook shared more about his character as the villain. 

“The main character is a 65-year-old killer, and I appear as another killer who dreams of revenge.”

His new project caught the attention of the host, who mentioned how he could make psychopaths are such a “sexy character.”

Why Kim Jae Wook Finds Melodrama ‘Difficult’

In his interview, the 40-year-old star revealed why he feels “comfortable” doing antagonist roles, may it be on K-dramas or movies. 

'Deaths Game' Stills
Kim Jae Wook
(Photo : TVING Official)

As for other genres, he finds melodrama “difficult,” especially with the lines. 

“I feel more comfortable fighting with men, practicing exorcism, and being a psychopath, so romance is difficult.” 

Although he is best known as the cool and edgy waffle guy with few lines in the iconic K-drama “Coffee Prince,” which he co-starred with Gong Yoo and Yoo Eun Hye, Kim Jae Wook had also captivated fans with his looks and exquisite acting skills in villain roles. 

The actor surprised fans by portraying a totally opposite role in the blockbuster OCN series as he took on the role of Mo Tae Goo, the CEO psychopath with a God complex in “Voice.”

OCN's “Voice ” Confirmed To Release Their 4th Season Next Year
OCN’s “Voice ” Confirmed To Release Their 4th Season Next Year
(Photo : OCN)

In a separate interview in 2017 with the Korea Times, Kim Jae Wook revealed that he took inspiration from Christian Bale’s “American Psycho” as his reference in “Voice.”

“Killing scenes were hard.”

He revealed that intense scenes, especially with the killing and murder parts, also had an effect on him physically and emotionally. 

“When Mo made the victim walk around barefoot on broken glass before he hammered him like he was playing a game, my body showed a strong reaction. My hands shook and my heart beat faster, and even after the director said ‘cut,’ my body continued to tremble.”

Kim Jae Wook Talks About Growing Up in Japan

Other than being a versatile actor, Kim Jae Wook is also bilingual and very fluent in Japanese. 

Kim Jae Wook
(Photo : Kim Jae Wook Instagram)

He recalls that at the height of “Coffee Prince,” he was always mistaken for a Japanese. 

According to the actor, he has lived in Japan since he was young, until elementary school. His father worked as a newspaper reporter and as a Tokyo correspondent. 

The first language I learned was Japanese.”

He then drew attention by showing off his fluent Japanese skills. 

What’s Next for Kim Jae Wook? 

Following his special cameo in “Death’s Game” Part 2, Kim Jae Wook is making his K-drama comeback, headlining the upcoming series “Melo Movie” with Park Bo Young. 

Penned by “Our Beloved Summer” Lee Na Eun, the soon-to-be released K-drama is a rom-com story about young individuals chasing after their dreams despite hardships in life. 

Kim Jae Wook’s new drama is set to air sometime in 2024 exclusively on Netflix.