Kim Jaejoong’s Heartfelt Reunion — Singer Who Stole His Heart Finally Revealed

In a heartwarming reunion, singer Kim Jae-joong expressed his deep admiration for singer Bada, revealing that she was his first love.

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The touching moment occurred in a video titled “My former co-worker who was my junior turned out to be a senior” on the YouTube channel “uhmg studio” on May 9th.

Kim Jae-joong reminisced about his feelings for Bada, saying:

(Photo : Youtube /SS CAPATURE)

“She was my first crush. She was everyone’s crush. But she really was for me. When I first saw her I was shook. Is she really human? Was what I thought. All the time I’d buy their tapes and play them nonstop. I’d even make copies. You could record copies back then. My favorites were their 3rd and 4th album.”

The emotional moment continued as Bada joined the conversation, expressing her curiosity:

(Photo : Youtube/ SS CAPTURE)

“I’ve been waiting for you. I told myself when I come over, ‘I’m going to look Jaejoong in the eye and ask him, Was I really your first crush?'”

Kim Jae-joong’s response was immediate and affirmative:

“Of course, you were!”

Their reminiscence delved into the past, with Kim Jae-joong revealing:

“I was super into you in 1999 until 2000. That’s when I auditioned for SM. I thought I’d meet you! But your group wasn’t in SM anymore.”

Bada added her memories:

Kim Jaejoong
Kim Jaejoong
(Photo : Youtube/ SS capture)

“I haven’t seen TVXQ at the company. The first time I saw you guys was on your first show on Mnet. I remember the first time I saw you so clearly. It was like a movie, I remember how your eyes looked. It was like they were telling me something. That’s how it felt to me. ‘Does he have something to say?’ You were staring at me but not in a bad way, they were so dreamy.”

Kim Jae-joong’s admiration for Bada was evident as he shared:

“I’ve loved you with my eyes, ears, and heart,” to which Bada humorously responded, “So I possessed your soul? Do you have a first love? Forget about her, that way I can stay your first love!”

In recent news, Kim Jae Joong, in a recent YouTube episode with members of THE BOYZ, discussed his reluctance to host guests at home, citing a past incident where a drunken junior colleague caused significant damage to his property.

The mishap, which involved spilling broth on a valuable rug, left Jae Joong wary of extending invitations to his personal space. Despite enjoying company, Jae Joong emphasized the importance of boundaries and safeguarding his privacy.

This insight sheds light on the challenges of balancing personal and public life in the realm of celebrity. Jae Joong also made recent appearances discussing attractive male idols in K-pop, reflecting on his own experiences in the industry.

You watch the full video here.