Kim Ji Won ‘Enjoying the Unemployed’ Life After Filming ‘Queen of Tears’

Kim Ji Won talks about her current status after filming her K-drama “Queen of Tears.”

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Although the rom-com series is currently airing, the cast members and the team behind it have concluded the production, giving viewers 16 episodes of the entertaining series.

Interestingly, the actress graced Cosmopolitan Korea’s YouTube channel, where she dishes on her must-haves and her daily life after “Queen of Tears.”

Kim Ji Won Reveals How She Has Been Spending Her Time After ‘Queen of Tears’ Production

During her interview, Kim Ji Won mentioned that she has been spending time at home and having her personal break after wrapping up the filming of “Queen of Tears.”

Kim Ji Won
(Photo : Cosmopolitan Korea)

“I’m enjoying the life of an unemployed person,” she said, revealing a glimpse of her daily life, which includes simple things like enjoying the sun and her morning coffee.

“I wake up at some time when the sun is already up and enjoy the sunshine,” she said, adding, “I have a cup of coffee and choose a song I like to turn on. I take a walk, look outside, and just relax.”

“Queen of Tears” is Kim Ji Won’s K-drama comeback after the romance series “My Liberation Notes” with Son Seok Koo.

From her emotional scenes in her previous K-drama, viewers get to see Kim Ji Won’s funny side as she portrays heiress Hong Hae In.

In addition to this, viewers also adore the on-screen chemistry of Kim Ji Won and Kim Soo Hyun as a married couple.

As mentioned, the team has successfully concluded the production, but “Queen of Tears” is still airing and has four more episodes before the finale.

Viewers get to watch the remaining episodes of “Queen of Tears” via tvN while global fans may stream it through Netflix.

Kim Ji Won Shares Her Favorite Must-Haves

Queen of Tears - Kim Ji Won
(Photo : tvN | Netflix Korea)

Kim Ji Won happily shared her favorite must-haves, which she has been using on the filming set.

She showed a handkerchief that she used to wrap her essentials and mentioned that it was a gift to her by her sister.

“This handkerchief was made by my sister to commemorate my recent shoot.”

In addition, she also revealed that she has been using an eco-bag for a year.

Her current essentials include massage tools, wired earphones, and lip balm.

According to her, she likes walking with her earphones on while going to work if the set is not too far away from her house.

“Walking alone when it hasn’t gotten too dark, I can easily organize my thoughts by thinking about how my day was and solve my worries,” she said, recommending it to viewers because of its benefits.