Kim Ji Won Proves She’s The Sweetest Sister For Doing THIS On National Television

“Queen of Tears” actress Kim Ji Won candidly showed her supportive side to her older sister for fulfilling one of her dreams. 

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The female star garnered attention not just for her acting skills, but also her sweet personality which was shown on national television. 

Curious about what she did? Then read on!

Kim Ji Won Shows Her Sweet Side On TV For Her Sister 

As she is now amassing popularity and on her way to becoming a global superstar, Kim Ji Won continues to prove her true persona on and off the lens. 

Kim Ji Won
(Photo : tvN Official Instagram)

She is currently starring in the trending K-drama “Queen of Tears” as she brings Hong Hae In’s character to life. Despite her cold and strict aura in the series, the actress showed her true character while on the set of a famous entertainment show.

On March 23, Kim Ji Won alongside co-star Kwak Dong Yeon made their guest appearance in “Amazing Saturday.” In the show’s latest broadcast, while the program was on a short break between the games, the lead actress was spotted contemplating doing something.

Later on, it was revealed that she was patiently waiting for the program’s panel and Korean rapper Nuksal to notice her. For what reason? An autograph!

The camera captured “The Heirs” actress asking Nuksal to address the autograph to her older sister whose name is Kim Hye Won. Kim Ji Won revealed that her older sister has been a huge fan of Nuksal for a long time. 

Kim Ji Won Fulfills Her Sister’s Dream + Confesses Of Being Nuksal’s Fan Too

She also confessed to becoming a fan of the Korean rapper.

Kim Ji Won said, “My older sister is a big fan of Nuksal’s. She would send me a lot of his live performance videos. Eventually, I became a fan too. I watched this one compilation video of all his verses. It was good. I leave it on repeat when I am doing the dishes at home.”

Kim Ji Won
(Photo : tvN Official Instagram)

After Nuksal finished signing, the “Descendants of the Sun” actress held up the paper that the rapper signed and called it a ‘household heirloom.’

Fans and viewers were delighted to see Kim Ji Won and Nuksal’s adorable interaction. The famous rapper also sent a video message to Kim Hye Won. He even joked that if Hye Won was not yet married, she should consider it.

K-Netz React to Kim Ji Won’s Thoughtfulness

Upon seeing the broadcast, fans shared their honest opinion about Kim Ji Won’s sweet gesture towards her sister.

Kim Ji Won
(Photo : Pann Nate)

“She is so cute!”

“How adorable! I didn’t know she had an older sister. She makes such a good little sister.”

“She’s such a soft angel, haha.”

“When she goes, ‘Unnie I did it!’ OMG. So cute. I don’t understand how she’s so different on camera from her characters. It’s amazing.”

“I want to be her older sister.”

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