Kim Ji Won Radiates Queenlike Charisma In “Queen of Tears”

Commanding with her presence, the female lead of Queen of Tears is further introduced in latest teaser.

tvN’s new drama Queen of Tears narrates the dizzying crisis and miraculous restart of Hong Hae-in, a third-generation chaebol heiress of Queen’s Group, and Baek Hyun-woo, a supermarket prince and son of Yongduri’s head.

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They have been a married couple for three years. The compelling narrative of this couple as they face and overcome distressing obstacles is anticipated to move the viewers and help them appreciate the value of family.

The series is a collaboration between the writer Park Ji Eun (My Love from the Star, Legend of the Blue Sea, Crash Landing on You) and directors Jang Young Woo (Bulgasal: The Immortal Souls) and Kim Hee Won (Vincenzo, Little Women).

“Queen of Tears” Glimpses On Relationship Shared By Kim Ji Won and Kim Soo Hyun

Queen of Tears

Queen of Tears Hong Hae In

Her beautiful visuals and natural brains make everything Hae-in touches a huge hit. She is a born-to-be queen who has never once bent the knee to others. Among the numerous candidates for her husband, she broke everyone’s expectations. She chose Baek Hyun-woo from Yongduri, a rural area, and after getting married she walks down a flowery path.

The released photos show Hong Hae-in, who monopolizes everyone’s attention with her graceful look. Her flashy styling, confident attitude, and unique charisma befit the title of department store queen.

Her life is blessed with everything including a handsome husband, abundant wealth, and fame. However, one day, an untimely lightning strikes on the flower road she threads on, and not only her life but also her relationship with her husband begins to shake.

Hong Hae-in’s character’s struggles will be further immersed by Kim Ji-won’s passionate performance. Her character immersion that crosses genres such as historical drama, fantasy, and youth drama has left a deep lingering impression in each of her works.

Queen of Tears premieres on March 9th.

Source: joynews24