Kim Ji Won Reveals K-Pop Girl Group Ambition: ‘I Will Be The Member Who Is All About..’

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Kim Ji Won, celebrated for her versatile performances, recently ignited a frenzy among fans with her imaginative take on a potential K-pop girl group debut.

In a candid video uploaded on May 3 by ‘HighZium Studio’, the actress delved into her roles, sparking speculation about her hidden talents beyond the silver screen.

Journey Through Characters

The journey began as Kim Ji Won revisited her iconic roles, ranging from the affluent ‘Yoo Rachel’ in “The Heirs” to the resilient ‘Choi Ae-ra’ in “Fight for My Way”. As she delved into each character, the actress showcased her depth by dissecting their traits and imagined scenarios.

“Without a doubt, ‘Hong Hae-in’,” she confidently asserted, pointing to her latest portrayal of a third-generation chaebol heiress in “Queen of Tears” when asked about the richest character.

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Kim Ji Won’s insightful reflection extended to her tearful roles, notably citing ‘Choi Ae-ra’ as the epitome of emotional depth.

 “She wants to be an announcer, but things don’t go as she wishes,” she explained.

“Cool women in their 30s don’t cry easily. We only cry when we have to,” she added, reflecting on her own evolution over time.

K-Pop Dreams Unveiled:

Transitioning seamlessly from reel to fantasy, Kim Ji Won envisioned her characters stepping onto the K-pop stage, assigning each a distinct role within the hypothetical girl group.

From ‘Tanya’s’ skillful dance moves in “Arthdal Chronicles” to ‘Choi Ae-ra’s’ vocal prowess displayed at a scallop festival, her imagination ran wild.

“This is hard,” she confessed, contemplating the unique strengths of each character. From ‘Yeom Mi-jeong’ as the leader to ‘Yoo Rachel’ as the youngest, her lineup captivated viewers, offering a fresh perspective on her diverse repertoire.

Kim Ji Won’s Surprise Role

Amidst the speculation surrounding her characters, Kim Ji Won playfully revealed her own envisioned role within the K-pop girl group. As the master of reactions and the ultimate cheerleader, she embraced a supportive role, promising to bring infectious energy to the stage.

“In that situation, I will be the member who is all about giving reactions,”

she remarked with a grin, envisioning herself as the spirited backbone of the group.