Kim Ji Won’s Poise Amid Airport Chaos Steals Spotlight — ‘I Can’t Help But Love Her More’

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Incheon International Airport witnessed a scene of frenzy on May 12 as fans and reporters gathered to catch a glimpse of actress Kim Ji Won.

Scheduled to fly to Singapore for a promotional event, Kim Ji Won’s presence ignited excitement among her admirers.

Despite the overwhelming crowd, Kim Ji Won remained poised and gracious, constantly acknowledging her fans’ enthusiasm with waves and heart poses. However, as the crowd grew denser, the situation turned chaotic.

Struggling to navigate through the throng of fans and reporters, Kim Ji Won’s unwavering smile and continuous eye contact with her supporters stood out. In a moment of concern for everyone’s safety, she urged, “Please be careful!” while attempting to restore order amidst the commotion.

Her genuine worry for the well-being of those around her was evident as she asked, “Are you okay?” not only to her fans but also to reporters and guards.

This display of compassion amidst chaos left bystanders in awe of her kindness and consideration.

The incident quickly made waves online, with netizens praising Kim Ji Won for her remarkable attitude and composure in the face of adversity.

Comments poured in, lauding her for putting fans’ safety first and for her unwavering politeness.


Here’s what fans are saying:

  • ‘She has this sweet and soft voice with a disciplinarian/authoritative type of tone which makes me want to follow whatever she says. If she will ask me to worship her, YES MISS MA’AM I WILL’
  • ‘jiwon is so amazing. she may look soft, feminine n shy, but she has this cool-headed n firm but kind side that i really love to see. She rlly kept her composure here n always telling crowd to mind the pillars in a steady tone. She’s the epitome of an iron fist in a velvet glove’
  • ‘We are witnessing a real-life angel in the persona of Kim Ji Won’
  • ‘pls not jiwon being extra for the line gap excuse you’
  • ‘hong haein in there trying to come out of jiwon’
  • ‘angel baby angel’
  • ‘they should’ve got her more bodyguards… but she is so cute and kind’
  • ‘I can’t help but love her even more’
  • ‘she’s getting stressed pls give her some space’

Kim Ji Won’s reputation for kindness is not new in the entertainment industry. Veteran actress Na Young-hee, her co-star in the concluded drama ‘Queen of Tears’, recently commended Kim Ji Won’s character during a YouTube show appearance.

Praising her kindness, Na Young-hee’s words further solidified Kim Ji Won’s reputation as a compassionate individual both on and off-screen.

Meanwhile, Kim Ji Won’s star continues to rise following her appearance on ‘Queen of Tears’, with numerous commercial offers and attention from industry insiders. Her recent display of kindness amidst chaos serves as a reminder of her enduring charm and grace.