Kim Jong-kook Becomes Grandfather: ‘Name of the Baby Is..’

On June 5th, former supermodel-actress Woo Seung-hee joyfully announced the birth of her first child on her social media accounts.

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Kim Jong-kook and Woo Seung-hee
Kim Jong-kook and Woo Seung-hee
(Photo : daum)

Sharing a beautiful maternity photo, Woo Seung-hee revealed,

“After taking this picture, my water broke the next day, and at 38 weeks and 5 days, Bom (the baby’s nickname) came into the world. I thought it would be late because it was my first birth. I was caught off-guard.”

The news quickly garnered attention, with Kim Jong-kook, Woo Seung-hee’s uncle once removed, commenting on the post,

“Now I’m really a grandfather… Congratulations,”

Kim Jong-kook and Woo Seung-hee share a close bond, having appeared together on the popular show “My Little Old Boy” in 2018.

During the show, Kim Jong-kook participated in Woo Seung-hee’s wedding preparations and expressed his affection for her.

He offered heartfelt advice to Woo Seung-hee’s husband, video director Lee Soo-hwan, saying,

“I hope you treat each other’s parents well. That’s the most important thing.”

Woo Seung-hee gained prominence after participating in the 2011 SBS Supermodel Contest and later appeared in the music video for Mighty Mouth’s “Bad Boy.”

She married Lee Soo-hwan in 2018, and after six years of marriage, they are now celebrating the arrival of their first child.

The announcement has brought joy to fans and followers, who have flooded Woo Seung-hee’s social media with congratulatory messages and well-wishes for the new family.