Kim Jong-kook Mentions Song Ji-hyo’s Laser Procedure, “People Can’t Recognize Your Face Anymore”

Kang Hoon joined SBS’s entertainment program “Running Man” broadcast on May 26th as the first temporary member. He participated in the recent recording of “Running Man” after joining the cast as a temporary member. The members introduced the new system in which a temporary member will be hired to fill in the vacancy left by Jeon So-min, who withdrew from the show in November last year, for the first time.

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Since Kang Hoon is less well-known than the other members, the production team prepared a race called “Race for Kang Hoon”. According to the mission, the members had to hear Kang Hoon’s name from citizens in their 30s or older while walking around the streets. During the recording, a citizen, who is a big fan of “Running Man”, said she knew the drama starring Kang Hoon but could not remember the actor’s name.

running man

Kang Hoon wondered, “Why do I have to make my name known in this way?”, Haha commented, “This is the best way”, expressing his satisfaction with the unique promotion. When Kim Jong-kook asked, 

Yoo Jae-suk said, “But some people don’t know all the members’ names”. Song Ji-hyo then revealed an embarrassing story, saying “Some people saw me and called me Jeon So-min”. Hearing that, Kim Jong-kook commented, “I don’t think they can recognize you right away now”, indirectly mentioning Song Ji-hyo’s laser procedure. As the members burst out laughing, Song Ji-hyo shouted, “It’s no longer swollen”.

In the previous episode, Song Ji-hyo surprised everyone when she revealed that she had a laser procedure. Getting the nickname “Song Sera” due to her swollen face, Song Ji-hyo admitted, “My blood circulation is not good”, “I wanted to look younger so I did some laser treatments”, “After getting 600 shots, my face got a little swollen”, etc.