Kim Jong Kook promises to make cameo appearance if UEE’s new drama exceeds 30%

Singer Kim Jong Kook promised to make a cameo appearance in the drama “Live Your Own Life”

On the Sep 13th broadcast of KBS2TV’s entertainment show “Problem Child in House”, UEE and Ha Jun, the lead actors of KBS2TV’s new weekend drama “Live Your Own Life”, appeared.

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Regarding her figure, UEE humbly said, “I play the role of a trainer in the drama. So, rather than losing weight, I grew muscles.” She then tried to read Kim Jong Kook’s expression.

kim jong kook

Kim Jong Kook praised, “Originally, UEE was quite healthy. I was worried when she lost too much weight in the middle, but now she seems even healthier.” In response, UEE said, “Actually, I’m from an athletic background, so I can talk about muscles without feeling self-conscious. But in front of Kim Jong Kook, I found myself being cautious without realizing it.” She added, “Do you have any thoughts about making a cameo appearance in our drama? If the ratings go above 30%, you should consider appearing in the drama as a cameo.

Kim Jong Kook made everyone laugh by replying, “I’ll appear as a guy who can’t exercise.”

Source: Daum