Kim Jong-kook’s Savage Tease Leaves Song Ji-hyo Speechless — ‘I Don’t Think They Can Recognize You’

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In a recent broadcast of SBS’s beloved entertainment program “Running Man,” viewers were treated to a whirlwind of entertainment as the show welcomed its first temporary member, Kang Hoon.

Kang Hoon’s addition comes as part of a new system introduced by the show’s production team to fill the void left by Jeon So-min, who departed the show in November the previous year.

The anticipation was palpable as Kang Hoon made his debut on the show, stepping into the shoes of the first-ever temporary member. As a lesser-known face compared to the seasoned cast, the production team devised a creative promotional strategy dubbed the “Race for Kang Hoon.”

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During the episode, the cast members embarked on a mission to familiarize the public with Kang Hoon’s name. Tasked with hearing Kang Hoon’s name from citizens aged 30 and above, the cast ventured onto the streets, engaging with fans and passersby.

Reflecting on the unconventional promotion, Kang Hoon expressed his curiosity, questioning why his name had to be publicized in such a manner.

However, his co-star Haha embraced the novelty, hailing it as an innovative and effective approach to garnering attention.

Amidst the lighthearted atmosphere, Kim Jong-kook couldn’t resist adding his signature humor to the mix.

In a playful exchange with Song Ji-hyo, Kim Jong-kook teased her about a recent laser procedure, jokingly suggesting that her face had undergone such a transformation that people might not recognize her anymore.

“I don’t think they can recognize you right away now”, Kim Jong-kook’s remark led to a hilarious revelation as Song Ji-hyo divulged details about her recent laser procedure.

Affectionately dubbed “Song Sera” due to the temporary swelling, Song Ji-hyo candidly shared her motivations behind the cosmetic treatment, citing a desire to maintain a youthful appearance.


Explaining the procedure, Song Ji-hyo revealed that she had undergone 600 shots, resulting in temporary swelling. Despite the initial discomfort, Song Ji-hyo assured her co-stars that her face had returned to its normal state.