Kim Jun-su Talks About TV Appearance Restrictions After Leaving SM, “I Got Cut Out On Programs”

On June 7th, the YouTube channel “Zip Daesung” uploaded a new video titled “2nd generation idol meeting”. The released video shows Kim Jun-su appearing as a guest on Daesung’s YouTube content and having a sincere conversation.

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The production team said to Kim Jun-su, “The first stage you were on after six years was EBS Space”. In this regard, Kim Jun-su shared, “EBS Space wasn’t actually a program that idol singers go on so there were no limitations”.

kim junsu

He added, “The producer and the writer of the broadcast said it doesn’t matter. I was really thankful. They called me first”.

Recalling the past, Kim Jun-su said, “If I had a soccer tournament with the celebrities’ soccer club, Entertainment Weekly would come to shoot us and they would interview the actors or the idols”, adding “They interviewed me as well, but I know that I can’t be on TV so I tell them that but they said it’s okay. So I did the interview, but it was not on the TV. It got cut out”.

kim junsu

He continued, “Singing on stage was much more limited. My fans wouldn’t know about this but I even had some shootings that never got aired.”

“I thought about giving up then, but since that stage, I thought I should keep trying although I don’t know how long I can manage”, he confessed. Expressing his gratitude to EBS Space, Kim Jun-su said, “It was a music stage after six years. I felt so thankful”.

Meanwhile, Kim Jun-su made his debut as a member of TVXQ, a boy group under SM Entertainment, in 2004. He later left SM with Kim Jae-joong and Park Yoo-chung then re-debuted as JYJ. After leaving SM, JYJ members suffered a hard time due to restrictions on their TV appearances.