Kim Min Jae Delivers Heartfelt Message to Fans On the Day of Enlistment

Kim Min Jae is all set for his enlistment. The “Doctor Romantic” star joins the list of celebrities scheduled to enter their mandatory military service in 2023.

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As for the 26-year-old actor, he has a special message for his fans as he enters the training center.

Kim Min Jae Sends Special Message to Fans on the Day of Enlistment

In a report obtained by a news portal, Kim Min Jae took the opportunity to say goodbye to fans and expressed his heartfelt gratitude for them.

Kim Min Jae

(Photo : YamYam Entertainment )
Kim Min Jae To Possibly Fulfill His Military Service This 2023

The actor expressed mixed emotions as he goes into a new chapter of his life.

“I feel very sad and regretful when I think about not being able to see you all for a while,” he said, adding that he is also “excited and grateful” at the same time because he will be able to gain experience and learn more” through his military service.

Lastly, Kim Min Jae also promised to return as a good version of himself and repay the fans’ support for him.

“I will not forget the precious concerns you have given me and will return as a stronger and richer person, becoming an actor, Kim Min Jae, who repays your love,” he furthered.

Kim Min Jae is scheduled to enter the training center today, September 18, as he fulfills his national defense duties after receiving basic military training.

The actor also plans to serve on active duty in the Army Military Band.

On his social media, the actor shared a glimpse of his preparation ahead of his enlistment. In Kim Min Jae’s Instagram story, he shared photos showing that he just had a haircut as part of the requirements for enlistment.

Interestingly, the actor got to announce the official date of his enlistment on September 6 through his agency, Nyam Nyam Entertainment.

Kim Min Jae also reached out to fans through his official fan cafe, announcing the enlistment.

“Today, I have something I want to tell you directly. Many of you may have been curious, but I will be enlisting in the military on September 18 to fulfill my mandatory service,” he wrote, as obtained by a media outlet.

At the time, fans flocked to social media to wish Kim Min Jae good luck on his new journey.

Kim Min Jae’s Reschedules Fan Meet

After “Doctor Romantic” season 3, Kim Min Jae is preparing to wrap up his activities for his enlistment.

Kim Min Jae Dr. Romantic 3

(Photo : SBS)

It includes the medical series as his last drama before entering the military and a fan meet in Seoul. However, the actor experienced setbacks after they had to postpone his meet and greet due to an incident that happened at the university, which is the location of his fan meet.

Thankfully, the re-scheduled fan meet was a huge success, and Kim Min Jae was able to meet his fans face-to-face before entering the military.