Kim Sae Ron Receives Hate From ‘Queen of Tears’ Fans: ‘Are you in your right mind?’

The aftermath of Kim Sae Ron’s recent Instagram post with Kim Soo Hyun worsened as “Queen of Tears” fans bombarded the actress’ social media account with hate comments.

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Keep on reading to know what they are saying about the controversial actress.

Kim Sae Ron’s Instagram Bombarded With Hate Comments

Kim Sae Ron
(Photo : Kim Sae Ron’s Instagram)

On March 24, Kim Sae Ron’s surprise Instagram update with Kim Soo Hyun caused huge chaos among fans. It has become the talk of the town for a while now, making the two stars most mentioned on multiple news and social media platforms.

Due to the now-deleted photo, Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Sae Ron were embroiled in dating rumors. On the same day that the news broke out, the actor’s agency Gold Medalist quickly addressed the issue and denied the dating speculations.

The agency stated, “The picture circulated online appears to have been taken when they were in the same agency in the past, and we are unable to understand the intention of Kim Sae Ron’s actions.”

Kim Soo Hyun, Kim Sae Ron
(Photo : Goldmedalist Entertainment | Kim Sae Ron Instagram)

As the news continues to alarm fans as it will affect Kim Soo Hyun’s ongoing success with his new drama, the “Queen of Tears” fans expressed their sentiments. They even bombarded Kim Sae Ron’s Instagram with hateful comments.

Others even called the controversial actress problematic due to the multiple controversies she was involved in. Meanwhile, some pointed out that she might be jealous of Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Ji Won’s kissing scene in the drama.

Korean and international fans wrote comments on Kim Sae Ron’s Instagram posts.

‘Queen of Tears’ Fans Call Kim Sae Ron ‘Problematic’

Kim Sae Ron
(Photo : Kim Sae Ron Instagram)

Here’s what the “Queen of Tears” fans said about Kim Sae Ron.

  • “It is not polite to do this to your colleagues as an actress yourself.”
  • “Are you in your right mind?”
  • “Kim Ji Won is about to become a global actress with this drama, and you are destroying it like this?”
  • “I don’t care if you are dating, but why reveal it now?”
  • “You saw Kim Soo Hyun’s career doing well after ruining yours and decided to post such nonsense out of jealousy.”
  • “You’re problematic.”
  • “Wait for the drama to finish. Pity the actors and actresses who have worked hard for the drama.”
  • “‘Queen of Tears’ is the only drama that relieves my study stress. Why did you ruin it? Are you crazy to post such nonsense?”

Meanwhile, Kim Sae Ron has not released any statement yet regarding the photo. After receiving massive backlash from the public, the young star turned off the comment section and remained silent amid the controversy.

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