Kim Saeron Struggled Mentally Following Her Recent Controversy … The Full Story of Her Canceled Comeback

According to a report by Xports News on the 18th, Kim Saeron has decided to step down from the play ‘Dongchimi’ amid difficult times following her previous controversy. 

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A, who has been close to Kim Saeron for about a year, told Xports News, “Kim Saeron knows it’s still early for her to make a comeback, but she put in a lot of effort because she wanted to be on stage and act. Please take a look at the passion she has for the fans who have been waiting for her.”

Kim Saeron is reported to have been preparing for the play for about a month with the attitude of a rookie. She met the representative and vice-representative of the theater company for the first time at the audition site. After undergoing auditions, she was eventually cast in the play. The representative of the theater company explained that they cast Kim Saeron in ‘Dongchimi’ after highly evaluation her passion and acting skills during the audition.

However, after posting a picture of herself and Kim Soohyun, which then caused a controversy, Kim Saeron reportedly going through a hard time mentally. This has caused her physical health significantly. A explained, “She was healthy during rehearsals for the play. But then her physical health deteriorated as she struggled mentally. Then, she discussed the possibility of withdrawing from the play. Health is her top priority.”

Kim Saeron herself expressed deep regret over having to step down from the play, given her strong passion for returning to acting. However, she also judged that it is currently a time for self-care and plans to continue her hiatus to focus on her health.


-It’s funny how she’s cosplaying as the victim after causing the problem herselfㅋㅋㅋ

-Making negative publicity during her period of reflection only makes it harder for her to make a comeback

-It’s a mess

-Isn’t she the one who posted the picture herself…?

-What does she want us to do?

-Seriously though, what does she want? Isn’t she the one who brought this disaster upon herself? Kim Soohyun is the real victim here. 

-She was the one who posted the picture and caused the controversy. So why is she also the one who’s falling apart?

-Taking a break when it’s tough is also a way. Take some rest and regain your mental strength.

-If she wants to make a comeback quietly, she should control her associates first. Not gonna lie, I was actually starting to forget that controversy.

-Why is she having a hard time when she was the one who brought this disaster upon herself? Because she’s getting criticized? Isn’t it her own fault? I mean, I’d understand if Kim Soohyun was having a hard time, but not her. It’s ridiculousㅋㅋㅋ It’s even more annoying now that it’s starting to calm down and she brought it up again.

-Seriously, please stop this kind of negative publicity. It’s annoying that they always cause their own problems and then act like they’re the most pitiful and suffering. What do they want us to do?