Kim Saeron♥Kim Soohyun are Rumored to Be Dating Despite 12-Year Age Difference

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Intentional or a pure mistake? In the dead of night when everyone was asleep, an unexpected dating rumor broke out. 

Kim Saeron, who previously was involved in a DUI scandal, posted a sudden update of her recent whereabouts on the 24th. Through her Instagram Story, she posted a photo of herself and actor Kim Soohyun, which was deleted after about 3 minutes. In the photo she posted, the two of them are striking quite an affectionate pose. Kim Saeron winked, while Kim Soohyun had a relaxed expression. This leads to speculations that Kim Soohyun and Kim Saeron, who were in the same company, are in a relationship. On the other hand, there are also speculations that Kim Saeron posted the picture intentionally.

The two had been caught up in dating rumors in the past. Kim Saeron was born in 2000 while Kim Soohyun was born in 1988, making them 12 years apart, which is quite a significant age difference. Additionally, Kim Saeron’s mother was born in 1980, making her only 8 years older than the man who is rumored to be in a relationship with her daughter. 

Kim Saeron, who was fined for a DUI accident in 2022, is currently in a situation where her work casting has been cut off. A representative from an advertising agency has been helping Kim Saeron, whose income has been cut off since earlier this year. Kim Saeron is working somewhat as a part-time job, teaching supporting actors and aspiring actors, creating group chats to schedule classes, among other things.

Kim Soohyun is currently appearing in tvN’s “Queen of Tears”. “Queen of Tears” tells the story of the crisis and miraculous love life of Hong Haein (played by Kim Jiwon), the third-generation heir to the Queens group and queen of the department store, and Baek Hyunwoo (played by Kim Soohyun), the son of a village headman and supermarket. It’s Kim Soo-hyun’s comeback after three years, following “My Love from the Star” and “Producer,” and it’s gaining attention as his third collaboration with writer Park Jieun.

-No matter what, Kim Saeron is such a troublemaker. Kim Soohyun’s drama is currently airing. She’s 25 now, isn’t she supposed to be more mature now?? It doesn’t seem like she’s reflecting on her wrong-doings. 

-It’s obviously intentional… Kim Soohyun’s drama is currently doing so well, though;;

-I don’t know when this photo was taken, but if it’s an old picture, it’s even worse. Kim Saeron is only 25 now. 

-What kind of mistake is that?ㅋㅋ It must be intentional, judging by how she didn’t delete it right away, but waited after 3 minutes. She wanted people to notice the picture. 

-Why did she post this photo? Is she drunk?

-Seeing her keep causing trouble so thoughtlessly, it seems like she has no intention of ever coming back to the entertainment industry. 

-They were also rumored to be dating back in 2020, right? Kim Saeron is 23-24 years old this year, in Korean age, she’s 25. That means she wasn’t underage when the first rumor broke out, but still… A girl who barely turned 20 dating a man in his 30s is a bit… You know

-Wow, this reminds me of their previous dating rumors

-Kim Soohyun’s drama is currently airing. What kind of mistake is this? It’s obviously on purpose. 

-Their age difference… It would’ve been better if she said the picture was taken recently, if it was an old picture it’s even more surprising…

-This photo reminds me of IU and Eunhyuk

-Kim Saeron is seriously the worst…

-I was just wondering what kind of woman will Kim Soohyun date…

-I don’t understand how someone can have romantic feelings for a child…

-The only thing that matters now is that Kim Soohyun is the victim here. 

-Kim Soohyun is the victim now. It reminds me of Eunhyuk, who got all the blame for the picture IU posted.