Kim Sejeong honestly confesses her feelings “These days are the hardest since debut”

Singer-actress Kim Sejeong opened up about her recent situation

On Sep 18th, a video titled “Kim Sejeong’s KEY&LOCK SWITCH Q&A” was uploaded on the YouTube channel “OFFICIAL KIMSEJEONG”.

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In the video, Kim Sejeong, in the “KEY” version and “LOCK” version, asked questions and provided answers.

Kim Sejeong

In the “KEY” version, Kim Sejeong mentioned her excitement about releasing her first full album, saying she is practicing diligently to showcase her best. She also talked about the happiest moment since her debut, mentioning how special it was when her fan club name “Sesang” (World) was created, allowing her to call her fans by name. She expressed that she is currently very happy.

She revealed that her recent concern is related to the weight of her words and whether she is putting in as much effort as she speaks about. She emphasized the importance of working hard to achieve results without regrets.

Kim Sejeong

When asked about what she’d like to try next, she mentioned her interest in theater but expressed hesitancy about whether she should pursue it.

In the “LOCK” version, Kim Sejeong talked more calmly and cynically. She emphasized that her current focus is on practice, especially for dancing, as she believes delivering great performances on stage is crucial.

When asked what she would say to people who dislike her, she gave a cool response, saying, “Why do you dislike me? Just because you dislike me doesn’t mean I dislike you.

Kim Sejeong

Regarding the most challenging period after her debut, she mentioned the recent time as being particularly difficult due to the demanding dance practice and the many thoughts involved in preparing for her album.

Kim Sejeong’s support during tough times has been time and practice. She stressed the importance of filling time with productive practice rather than wasting it.

Source: Daum