Kim Sejeong ‘I Miss Singing When I Act, and Long for Acting When I Sing’

Actress and singer Kim Sejeong shared her thoughts on acting and singing

On the 15th, singer Kim Sejeong appeared on KBS CoolFM’s ‘Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show’ in the segment titled ‘Legend’s Mastery.’

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kim se jeong

On this day, Kim Sejeong, who made a comeback with her regular album, said, “When I’m acting, I miss singing, and when I’m singing, I miss acting.” Park Myung Soo asked, “So I heard you sometimes perform barefoot. I heard that teachers Lee Eun-mi and Yoon Bok-hee used to perform barefoot and even got pricked by thorns. Why do you perform barefoot?”

Kim Sejeong replied with a smile, “The theme of ‘Top of the Cliff’ seemed to match well with performing barefoot. But just in case, I put on shoes for the second performance.”

Park Myung Soo advised, “The most important thing is for your songs to become hits.”

Source: daum