Kim Sejeong Makes a Stunning Appearance on Popular Twitch Streamer Woogie’s Broadcast

Singer and actress Kim Sejeong made a dazzling appearance on the popular Twitch streamer Woogie’s broadcast

On the 12th, Kim Sejeong appeared on Woogie’s broadcast. The collaboration between the two had garnered attention from the moment the announcement was made, and as soon as the video was released, it received a warm response.

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kim se jeong

Kim Sejeong perfectly pulled off a pink cardigan, a white skirt, and a bunny headband, captivating the admiration of her fans.

Throughout the broadcast, Kim Sejeong wore a smile, exchanged hearts and thumbs-ups with Woogie’s subscribers and fans, and greeted them warmly.

kim se jeong

Viewers watching the broadcast couldn’t help but admire Kim Sejeong’s beauty. Fans poured out reactions such as “Woogie is also beautiful, but Kim Sejeong’s beauty is overwhelming,” “Celebrities are indeed celebrities,” and “She’s truly an idol in every sense.”

Kim Sejeong also took the time to answer questions that fans had been curious about. During their conversation, both of them praised each other’s appearance.

kim se jeong

Kim Sejeong emphasized, “Whether you see her on the screen or in real life, she’s so cute and fresh. She could debut in a girl group just as she is.” She continued to praise, saying, “She’s younger than me, and I can’t believe it. Her skin is also so good.”

Meanwhile, Kim Sejeong made a comeback with her first full-length album ‘문(門)’ and is continuing with active music activities. Starting on the 23rd, she will kick off her first solo concert tour, ‘2023 KIM SEJEONG 1st CONCERT The 門’.

Source: insight