Kim Seon Ho, Go Yoon Jung Seen Filming ‘Can This Love Be Translated’ Overseas + Fans Erupt With Joy: ‘So Excited!’

Kim Seon Ho and Go Yoon Jung left fans elated after they were spotted filming their upcoming drama “Can This Love Be Translated” abroad.

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Kim Seon Ho, Go Yoon Jung Spotted Filming ‘Can This Love Be Translated’ in Japan

Soon-to-debut on-screen couple Kim Seon Ho and Go Yoon Jung have been firing up the social media lately as they give updates for their forthcoming project.

On June 27, Netflix announced that the two will headline its newest rom-com series “Can This Love Be Translated.” It is penned by the famous Hong sisters, who are the brilliant minds behind the famous dramas “Alchemy of Souls,” “You’re Beautiful,” “Hotel Del Luna,” “Master’s Sun,” “A Korean Odyssey,” and more.

Helming the project is “Descendants of the Sun” director Yoo Young Eun.

Kim Seon Ho, Go Yoon Jung
Kim Seon Ho, Go Yoon Jung

Netflix introduced the drama’s cast and shared a sneak peek of them during the script reading.

Go Yoon Jung is Cha Mu Hee, a top star, while Kim Seon Ho takes the role of a multilingual translator Joo Ho Jin.

“Can This Love Be Translated” revolves around Joo Ho Jin, a skilled multilingual interpreter who becomes the personal translator for top actress Cha Mu Hee. The two have contrasting perspectives on love, resulting in misunderstandings.

However, as they gradually grow closer, their conversations become increasingly enjoyable, leading to subsequent moments of understanding

Meanwhile, joining Kim Seon Ho and Go Yoon Jung are Lee Yi Dam, Choi Woo Sung, and Japanese star Sota Fukushi.

Just after Netflix updated the public about the forthcoming series. Kim Seon Ho and Go Yoon Jung made headlines after fans spotted them leaving Korea for Japan.

It was revealed that the two are currently filming “Can This Love Be Translated,” increasing fans’ anticipation.

In particular, Japanese fans recounted seeing the actors. They shared some snippets and their brief interactions with the cast.

Can This Love Be Translated
(Photo : Netflix Korea Instagram)

The photos and video immediately circulated online and international fans expressed their

  • “So excited!”
  • “I spotted Kim Seon Ho at Enoshima.”
  • “Kim Seon Ho was taking photos on the bridge at Katase Enoshima Station earlier. He just passed by me and said “Annyeonghaseyo.”
  • “When I got close to Enoshima, I was surprised to see Seon Ho walking around normally after the shoot.”
  • “The blue shirt looks good on him.”

Meanwhile, in February, Kim Seon Ho revealed that “Can This Love Be Translated” will be filmed for nine months.

The 10-episode K-drama is expected to be completed in 2025, and receiving updates about the lead stars increases the excitement of international fans, especially since this will mark Kim Seon Ho and Go Yoon Jung’s first drama team-up.

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