Kim Seon Ho & Song Joong Ki’s Interaction at the Blue Dragon Film Awards Sparks Interest — Are They Preparing for Collab?

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Fans were quick to notice the unexpected interaction between Kim Seon Ho and Song Joong Ki at the 44th Blue Dragon Film Awards. 

Are they collaborating for a project together? 

Song Joong Ki & Kim Seon Ho Spotted Having Close Interaction at 44th Blue Dragon Film Awards

The Blue Dragon Film Awards was held on November 24 in Seoul. Attended by various actors and actresses, the prestigious event piqued the public’s interest as it was packed with candid moments.

Even though it already ended, the aftermath continues to make a buzz online. Among these was the interaction between Kim Seon Ho and Song Joong Ki. 

Blue Dragon Film Awards

(Photo : KBS2)

Song Joong Ki, Kim Seon Ho

(Photo : Sports Chosun)

Eagle-eyed fans were quick to notice the encounter between the two actors.

In particular, Kim Seon Ho, who won the Popular Actor Award took center stage along with other stars.

His mood changed and appeared genuinely comfortable when Song Joong Ki came and they even hugged each other, with hands on each other’s faces in a celebratory manner, as if they had been close friends for a long time.

Kim Seon Ho & Song Joong Ki To Work Together?

This candid interaction piqued the fans’ interest because prior to the event, there had been no interaction between Kim Seon Ho and Song Joong Ki in public.

Kim Seon Ho

(Photo : News 1)

Song Joong Ki

(Photo : JTBC)

In addition, the two K-drama superstars were also spotted by some being comfortably engaged in an active conversation while they were in their seats.

Many are speculating that they might be preparing for a collaboration, while others said that they might just be long-time friends in real life.

Hence, both stars received trophies after gracing the silver screen with their respective movies “Hopeless” and “The Childe.”

What’s Next for Kim Seon Ho & Song Joong Ki

Song Joong Ki and Kim Seon Ho are meeting the viewers with their new projects, scheduled to premiere in 2024.

The “Vincenzo” actor is headlining the Netflix movie “My Name is Loh Kiwan,” which depicts the story of the meeting, break-up, and love between North Korean defector Loh Kiwan, who arrives in Belgium with his last hope, and a woman who has lost her reason to live.

Kim Seon Ho, on the other hand, is starring in the mystery drama “Mangnaein,” in which Park Gyu Young is also in talks to join.

He is also in discussion to headline Hong Sisters’ new drama “Can This Love Be Interpreted?,” where he might reunite with Han So Hee. Go Yoon Jung also received an offer to lead the series.

Lastly, Kim Seon Ho is being courted to make a special appearance in IU and Park Bo Gum’s drama “You Have Done Well.”

What can you say about Kim Seon Ho and Song Joong Ki’s interaction at the Blue Dragon Film Awards? Share your thoughts/replies in the comments!