Kim Seon Ho to Make Grand Comeback on Variety Show After 3 Years? Here’s What We Know

Fans and K-drama enthusiasts were delighted as Kim Seon Ho slowly returned to his on-screen activities after a brief hiatus. 

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From the movie debut to an upcoming K-drama, viewers will get to see more of the South Korean heartthrob in the coming months. 

Interestingly, the actor seemed to have a surprise treat for his Seonhohadas, as the 37-year-old star is reportedly making a grand re-entrance into variety shows. 

Kim Seon Ho to Reunite With ‘2 Days & 1 Night’ Co-Star Moon Se Yoon

After almost three years since he stepped down as one of the main hosts in KBS2’s “2 Days 1 Night” Season 4 back in October 2021, eagle-eyed fans speculated about his comeback after Kim Seon Ho was spotted in Thailand. 

Kim Seon Ho
(Photo : SALT Entertainment)

In a report, the award-winning star will be the show’s special guest, and not only that, he will be reunited with “‘2 Days & 1 Night” co-star Moon Se Yoon. 

In addition to this, producers also hint at the arrival of their “special guest,” possibly referring to Kim Seon Ho. 

“A super Hallyu star, a new face, is joining ‘Mukbobro,'” said the producer, raising anticipation for the upcoming episode. 

It can be recalled that the South Korean heartthrob was rarely seen on entertainment programs after stepping down from the longtime running show.

At the time, the production team of “2 Days & 1 Night Season 4” released a statement, confirming that they had “decided on the withdrawal of Kim Seon Ho,” who was at the height of a controversy involving his ex-girlfriend. 

“We will do our best to edit him out of the already-filmed footage to reduce the discomfort felt by viewers. The “2 Days & 1 Night” team will continue to work hard to create a good show. Thank you,” the show added. 

Kim Seon Ho
(Photo : Kim Seon Ho Instagram)

“Marry My Husband” star Na In Woo went to replace Kim Seon Ho as the new cast member who made his first appearance on the February 13 episode. 

Despite this, Kim Seon Ho was able to bounce back from the slump and continue his activities in films, series, theater, and more. 

After his theater comeback and big screen debut for “The Childe,” he is set to headline an upcoming K-drama. 

Joining Cha Seung Won and Kim Kang Woo in “The Tyrant,” Kim Seon Ho transforms into bureau director Choi Gook Jang. 

Set to premiere on Disney+, “The Tyrant” is among the upcoming K-dramas which is expected to air this 2024. 

Apart from it, the forthcoming series is helmed by Park Hoon Jung of “Night in Paradise,” and “The Childe.”